Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eyeliner Art

I had wantd to make a post on eyeliner, especially eyeliner doodles for a long time., mainly because you see more and more of it, and it is often done very badly, ruining an otherwise very good outfit.

Let's start with an example


For her, the first thing that comes to mind is the blouse, which is much too low-cut. Normally, I think a blouse should cover at least up to where she drew the heart on her chest. With this blouse that she is wearing, a white t'shirt, possibly with some lace around the neck, would have made the outfit much more  appropriate.

As for the eyeliner doodles, I don't think they have a place with this outfit at all. It is clear that she was going for something Emilie Autumn-like, however, one must remember that Emilie Autumn, as well as Mana Sama, Marilyn Manson and plenty of others whose style you may want to copy have hours to spend on their makeup, not to mention a professional stylist. Theefore, it is unrealistic to try to copy their style at home and expect the same result, not to mention that such styles do not suit everyone.

However, I think her glove, bow and hairstyle are pretty good, although a white bow maybe would have matched the outfir better. In short, this will look good if she wears a t-shirt or a diffrent blouse and wipes off the eyeliner doodles. With makeup, remember to be simple if you ar not sure what to do.

Here is another example we can look at:

Here we don't really see her hair, outfit, or even the rest of her face so there is only the eyeliner to talk about.
In eyeliner doodles, spider webs are often a popular design, however they must be drawn well, and not overdone. The key withg eyeliner is not to overdo it, and most of all to be neat! The smudges on her face, as well as the rubbed-off parts ruin the design.
Here is a good example how eyeliner doodles should be if they are to be made. Remember that even in this case, it is a look for a party or to go to a club, not everyday work or school:

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