Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fishnets: how to wear

Fishnet tights and shirts are a very popular gothic item. They also look good with visual-kei end sometimes even fairy-kei style outfits. However, more often we see people wearing them too much, in a way that they don't look good on them, or simply out of place. Here I will make some examples on how to wear, and how not to wear, fishnets.

Good Idea:
Here is a very good outfit with fishnets. With a cardigan or jacket on top, this outfit would look great at work or school. Remember: If you are not sure, only wear ONE fishnet item. For example, instead of gloves, tights, and a fishnet shirt, wear just the tights with a dress.

Bad Idea:
fashion fail - looking awful, feeling good
Wearing too much fishnet. In most cases, sticking with one fishnet item is best. A fishnet shirt, two layers of ripped fishnet tights,  and two layers of fishnet gloves are much too much. In this girl's case, a pair of longer pants or a skirt and a t-shirt would have looked much better then layers and layers of fishnets.

Good idea:

Here is a great way to wear a fishnet shirt! I like how the blue color is so much diffrent from the usual black.

Bad Idea:
(Please don't mind the caption. It is clearly very rude, but unfortunately I could not find the picture without it. Thank-you!)
Fishnet...  Fail.
Always remember that a fishnet shirt IS NOT A SHIRT ON ITS OWN! Wearing it with nothing underneath or on top does not work. Wearing something this revealing flatters almost no one and can get you very much unwanted attention. This would have been a great outfit to wear even to school, had she put on a shirt or blouse on top of the fishnet.

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