Thursday, 29 March 2012

5 Goth Things I Don't Recomend for Beginners

Being new to the goth subcultuere could be hard. Especially if you have strict parents or relatives, or an unaccepting school. Here are five things, mostly fashion, that it is better to avoid if you are new, to prevent unnecessary quarrels with your relatives or classmates.

1) Ripped tights or fishnets

Although they may look neat, fishnets are by many people considered sexual. And if your tights are ripped, especially if you rip them yourself, sometimes can give one the appearance of not taking care of yourself. Go for a more classy look with solid black, printed or lace tights.

2) Extreme makeup

Extreme makeup, especially "bleeding" makeup or eyeliner doodles, should be saved for going to clubs, parties or seeing your friends, not school. It often starts to bleed down and make a mess at the end of the day, and for the most part there is usually no time to create such a style neatly before school. A simple cat eye or smoky eye with darker, but not black, liptick is a batter option for busy days.

3) Inverted cross

This is a symbol that unfortunately can give people a VERY wrong idea of who you are or what you are trying to say. Wearing a necklace or shirt with it can offend people who know little about the symbol and make parents or teachers worried. If you feel that this symbol represents who you are and you really want to have it, have a necklace that you can tuck under your shirt, or carry in your pocket.

4) Extreme hairstyles

Pretty much the same issue as extreme makeup, and when done in five minutes in the morning before school often not very neat. Go for a haircut that you can simply brush and go in the mornings, or find a nice barette that you can just clip in before you go to school. (Barette tutorial coming up!)

5) Overly revealing outfits

Remember one simple rule: If your knees, elbows and collarbones are covered, your outfit is not too revealing to be worn to school. If you have a favorite top or skirt that you are afraid to be too revealing, wear it with a simple black t-shirt or tights underneath.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

More About Makeup

For start, I would like to make a note about looking like the Crow. This kind of crow is okay.

And this kind is not.

Especially if it makes you look like this.

I don't really like this look, even in the movie, but it seems to have become rather popular. Unfortunately, the lines flatter very few people and, more often then not, make them look like a clown. This is a very common mistake for beginners, who often think that the look is "gothic" because of its somewhat similar use of color to the stereotypical goth look. I would suggest to avoid this look altogether, because not only does it have a strong connection to the "mall-goth" scene, it distracts from one's true facial features so much that it makes it hard to talk to them or read their expression. The last may heighten the misconception that goths, including yourself, are antisocial, depressed, or trying to look "scary".  All of this is thankfully in almost all cases not true, so we should not be making people think it is.

Speaking of makeup, I would say that if you are new to subculture, a good idea is to start with mainstream makeup looks, but in darker colors. Cat eyes are a good idea.

Another common mistake, almost as popular, if not more, then the Crow look, is out'of'place or badly applied black lipstick. Black is a color of lipstick that goes with very few face types and skin shades, and if it is applied with even a slight mistake or smudge, or is even a tiny bit uneven, it will be visible right away.
Plus, black lipstick does not go with every ourfit you wear, for example wearing it with a t shirt and jeans almost never looks good. Even lighting here plays a part: black lipsticl can look very awkward on a bright day or under electric light. And I have NEVER seen it look good with no foundarion or no eye makeup, which many beginners seem to think is okay. Here are some other colors of lipstick that are better:
This is the color I like to use, a dark pink.(the picture is not of me)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tips for New To Goth

I would have written "babybats", but I strongly dislike that word. I find it is separate new to goth from those longer in the subculture and is not very respectful.

  • Try to listen to some classic goth bands, if only to get an idea of what the music is like. These include Siouxie and the Banshees, the Cure, Sisters of Mercy and the similar. However, unlike many people out there think , you don't HAVE to like them. If you like these bands, great. If not, greater still.
  • Once you have a basic idea of goth music, see if there is a style that you like better. For example, you may like deathrock, or punk. You might even decide you don't like gothic music altogether and prefer metal, or jazz, or blues, or anything, and it is all perfectly good.
  • Look up bands in your chosen style or styles, and downloading or buying some CDs. Since about 2009, I have so far downloaded over thirteen hundred CDs, most of which, in fact, can hardly be classified as gothic. (But then again, I can hardly be called a goth myself ...)

  • Before doing ANYTHING, think of what kind of image you are trying to show people. Are you trying to show that you like the music that you like? Are you just trying to be yourself? Are you trying to make any kind of statement?
  • Next, look through the clothes and acessories that you already own. Most people already have some basics, like dark jeans, leggings, and maybe a nice blouse or jacket in their closet already. Remember that you can always customize many of the "typical " things that you may own.
  • For at least a week or two, wear mainly these clothes that you chose as gothic, but don't buy anything. This helps make a transition from your "notmal" look to your "goth" look without worrying your parents or relatives.
  • Frrom this point, start to buy new clothes, but not all at once. There are probablty siome items you need more then others, like if you have threepairs of black pants you will want to look for something else.
  • If you are a girl, buy a black floor length skirt. This helps very much if you have not yet bought tights or shoes, because in a floor length skirt people hardly see what tights or shoes you are wearing. So, the simple black shoes that you probably already have will be good enough and fancy, expensive boots will not be necessary. Such a skirt can also help you look thinner, especially if you wear high heels or platforms under it. When choosing a skirt, make sure it is long enough to touch the floor in whatever shoes yo choose to wear.
  • Practice walking up and down stairs in the said skirt so you don't trip over it, fall, break your neck and die, because that would make me very upset.
  • Look at acessories. A simple black top and dark jeans could be turned from just casual to goth with a nice necklace or choker, and maybe a diffrent purse.

  • If you do not normally wear makeup, ask your mother, grandmother, aunt or friend for advice. For a while, wear your makeup how they suggested.
  • If after a week or more you don't like your mother's aunt's, grandmother's or friend's suggested dtyle, make small changes. For example, a light blue eyeshadow can easily be relaced with grey, or a pink lipstick with a darker color, for a more gothic look.
  • If you already wear makeup, you don't have to change the style. I would suggest something simple to start, maybe in darker colors.
  • DO NOT wear black lipstick when around parents. No matter what. You may not agree, but I found black lipstick is THE VERY ITEM that makes  parents and relatives dislike your style. Plus it doesn't suit everyone, and definitely does not go with every outfit as many these days seem to think. Try wearing wine red, a brownish pink or a neutral shade instead.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Appropriate Backrounds For Photograph

How many times have you seen pictures taken in bathroom?! It is all too many.While many gothic, emo, or even lolita style photographs have great idea for outfit and makeup, often the setting ruins all of this. Often the wrong background (like said bathroom) makes the photograph look very unprofessional, and in the worst cases, like a poser or wannabe. As much as I do hate to say so, one must not take or post a photograph until they are sure of how it makes them look. Here are some tips on how to find a good background.

DO: Make darker picture

When you are not sure of what background will be best, try using photoshop or the similar to edit your picture as though it has been taken in the dark.

DON'T: Take picture in bathroom

I am not sure if the first one is bathroom or laundry room, but either would not make the prospect of being the center figure in such a photograph much more flattering. The second is clearly bathroom. How can I tell? For one thing, I see a towel, and to me a towel present is a pretty good indication that this is not the best setting for a gothic style photograph. If you really have no place to take a photograph, try your room, or maybe outsise when it is darker.

DO: Act natural

When somebody asks if they could take a picture of your outfit on the street, try to look counfident, and above all be yourself.

DON'T: Try to look "scary"

Unless you are in a horror movie, are a Walter Disney villain, or your name is Alex DeLarge, doing this has never helped anyone make a good photo. Trying to look "scary " or "dark" in no way helps your coinfidence or improves an outfit.

DO: Be creative, have fun and always remember to be yourself!


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Getting Your Dream Goth (or Lolita or Fairy-Kei or Whatever) Wardrobe

I am sure that almost everyone at one point, after looking at pictures of Marilyn Manson or Mana Sama or somebody's wardrobe post on EGL, looked into their own closet and thought: "I wish I could dress like that!". Maybe you don't have enough money to buy your dream wardrobe. Maybe your parents don't like your style. Maybe you just never found the clothes that you wanted, or are new to your subculture and simply don't know where to start. Here are some useful tips on getting your dream wardrobe.

1) Parents don't approve

Even Marilyn Manson has some outfits that would look okay at school or work.(Work as in something other then being Marilyn Manson) A plain black leather jacket with a more-or-less simple black shirt is a good idea that parents and teachers usually don't mind.

  • I will not tell you to go and talk to your parents about your style, because I am sure that it is obvious and you have already done so. In truth, talking rarely changes the way parents or relatives feel about a style. However, if you do choose to talk to them again, avoid phrases like "It is who I am", " This style represents me" and the similar. For the simple reason that in today's society, it is, although true, considered strange to speak of clothing as though it is part of oneself. It seems to be strange, and often make people stop taking you seriosly, I doubt is something you would want.
  • If talking to your parents does not work, remember that you still have the right to be yourself,(of cource, within reason) and dress however you want. You can still save up money and buy the clothes yourself, however, don't wear them in front of your parents. If you need, you can even ask a friend to buy something for you and give them the money.
  • Remember that some styles are morwe appropriate for your age or where ypu are going then others. If your parents, for example, tell you that a PVC miniskirt with ripped fishnet tights and a corset top in not a good outfit for school, do not assume that they are trying to hurt you or make you stop"being yourself". When not sure, ask your friends or teachers what they think.

2)Not enough money

  • Although brands are great, there are some itemd that are just not worth buying brand. For example, the same black jacket in the picture above could be bought in a mainstream store or a thrift store, if you look well.
  • Remember DIY! There is plenty of good projects that you can make yourself on websites like or the like. Uften, an item from a mainstream store could easily be made goth with some imagination.
  • Acessories are very important. Things like lace gloves, tights, hair bows and necklaces can instantly make an outfit more unique. Luckily, these things could also be bought inexpensively from stores like Calire's or Ardene. You can also try making them yourself, buying supplies from fabric and craft stores.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


A knitted sweater is a simple, comfortable and easy to wear item that goes with many styles like fairy-kei, decora and sometimes even sweet lolita.
The other good thing about sweaters is that you can always buy an inexpensive, simple one and decorate it however you want. I am currently working on a mint-green ne with pastel pink stars, which I will post as soon as it is done. For now, here are some ideas on what you can do:

Fishnets: how to wear

Fishnet tights and shirts are a very popular gothic item. They also look good with visual-kei end sometimes even fairy-kei style outfits. However, more often we see people wearing them too much, in a way that they don't look good on them, or simply out of place. Here I will make some examples on how to wear, and how not to wear, fishnets.

Good Idea:
Here is a very good outfit with fishnets. With a cardigan or jacket on top, this outfit would look great at work or school. Remember: If you are not sure, only wear ONE fishnet item. For example, instead of gloves, tights, and a fishnet shirt, wear just the tights with a dress.

Bad Idea:
fashion fail - looking awful, feeling good
Wearing too much fishnet. In most cases, sticking with one fishnet item is best. A fishnet shirt, two layers of ripped fishnet tights,  and two layers of fishnet gloves are much too much. In this girl's case, a pair of longer pants or a skirt and a t-shirt would have looked much better then layers and layers of fishnets.

Good idea:

Here is a great way to wear a fishnet shirt! I like how the blue color is so much diffrent from the usual black.

Bad Idea:
(Please don't mind the caption. It is clearly very rude, but unfortunately I could not find the picture without it. Thank-you!)
Fishnet...  Fail.
Always remember that a fishnet shirt IS NOT A SHIRT ON ITS OWN! Wearing it with nothing underneath or on top does not work. Wearing something this revealing flatters almost no one and can get you very much unwanted attention. This would have been a great outfit to wear even to school, had she put on a shirt or blouse on top of the fishnet.