Monday, 30 January 2012

Bodyline Knock-offs

The Good Knock-offs
These Bodyline replicas are actually very cute. They seem to be made of good quality materials and either look just like the originals, or are changed a bit but still look pretty damned good.

Originally an Angelic Pretty coat, Bodyline makes a pretty faithful replica. The hearts are moved up a bit, I think in order to be pockets.

Aah shoe replicas. Unless a pair of shoes are made out of leather, I won't spend 100+ on them. No injection molded pleater shoe is ever going to be worth much to me. Brand or not, they are cheaply made, and they should be cheap. Bodyline's knock-off of these famous Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shoes are nearly identical.

Don't confuse this Innocent World knock-off with a "bad" knock-off just because it uses the same fabric. Not all brand dresses custom print their own fabric, but instead buy it from a fabric shop. The fabric used in this Bodyline knock-off is almost gaurenteed to be the exact same fabric as the brand version. Metamorphose, and I think a couple indies brands, have also used this same fabric.

Originally an Atelier Boz JSK, Bodyline makes a pretty good copy. As is typical of Bodyline knock-offs, it doesn't look like it has much poof. Maybe they just don't use a very poofy petticoat, or maybe, as a cheaper version, skimp on the skirt yardage a bit.

An oldie but a goody! This was a skirt Bodyline used to sell years ago, and it's a knock-off of an old Angelic Pretty skirt. The lace is a bit cheaper the the original, and the bow looks a little deflated, but other than that, it looks cute to me.
The "Bad" Knock-offs
These are the knock-offs that make people the most upset, print knock-offs. While Bodyline has never made a knock-off with the original brand's logo on the print, they are still not fooling anyone.

No one ever bothers to mention this print when they talk about Bodyline knock-offs. Originally an Angelic Pretty print, Bodyline edits out the "Angelic Pretty" and turns it into a simple JSK.

Another, bit more recent, print originally from Innocent World that is often forgotten about when people talk about the evils of Bodyline. It was released along side the Fruits Parlor skirt, but hardly gets any attention. Once again, "Innocent World" is edited out of knock-off and replaced by a little bow.

Probably the most infamous Bodyline Knock-off, and the one that caused some uproar on EGL, Angelic Pretty's Fruits Parlor. The Angelic Pretty version, when it bothered to pop up for sale, would often go for hundreds of dollars more than it's original price on the second hand market. Owning this fruit covered stripe and polkadot extravaganza from Angelic Pretty was a status symbol, no doubt about it. Then Bodyline released a version for $50, the skirt was sold as low as $11. And soon everyone had the skirt (which I promise you is not as fugly as the dress) in every colorway Bodyline Sold it in.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fairy Kei Style

Very cute style you can wear anything.
See for yourself:

I think she is very pretty:

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goth With VERY Short Hair?

I know several people who faced this problem: first they get a really short haircut then either it doesn't look good or they get tired of it. Or it "doesn't go" with their choice of outfits and makeup. Then what do you do? Here are some tips:

1) Look for hairclips or headbands. A nice hairclip can instantly change a hairstyle. I would try a store like Claire's or Ardene's because they are both inexpensive and hace good quality stuff.

2) Get an INTRESTING short haircut as opposed to a boring one. Maybe even something like this:

3) Dye your hair another color. A change of color changes the appearance of a hairstyle very much.

4) Put on your favorite Sweet Lolita dress and a nice bow, turn your CD player on max volume and forget about it. My favorite way to solve problems actually, it works somewhat like this:

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Choosing Names

For many, joining a subculture is like starting a new life. Many want a name that means something to them, rather then what their parents chose. Some, like me, had names that no one could pronounce or spell, which is annoying I must say.
And there are thousands of names to choose from. So how do you choose, and, how do you introduce the name to your friends and relatives?

Для многих, присоединившись к  субкультуре является началом новой жизни. Многие хотят имя, которое означает что-то для них, а не то, что их родители выбрали. Некоторые, как и я, имели имена, которые никто не мог произносить , что, я должен сказать.  раздражает.
Есть и тысячи имен на выбор. Как выбрать, и, что делать, чтобы люди вас так называть?

1)Some names are either much too common, much too crazy or just very nerdy sounding. Avoid these, as well as about 99% of what online goth-name generators give you. And please, please no "Deathmaster" or the like! It is goth, not video games!
) Некоторые имена являются либо чересчур общие, слишком странным или просто очень глупо звучание. Избегайте таких, а также около 99% того, что онлайн имя генераторы дают вам. И, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, нет "Deathmaster" и т.п.! Это имена, а не видео-игр!

2)Look at names from diffrent cultures, or even words from other lainguages. For example, Kismet is a Turkish name meaning destiny.
2) Посмотрите на имена из разных культур, и даже слова из других языков. Например, Kismet является турецким имени. судьба значение

3) Think about your last name. If you like yours try to find a name that goes well with it. If you don't, you could be like me or Invader Zim or Johnny the homicidal maniac and simply not have a last name.
3) Подумайте о своей фамилии. Если он вам нравится попытаться найти имя, которое хорошо сочетается с ней. Если этого не сделать, можно было бы, как я, или Invader Zim или Джонни убийство маньяк и просто не имеют фамилии.

Kind of cool, don't you think?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Gothic Fashion in School // lГотическая мода в школе

Although, of cource, there are many goths that have jobs and their own families, most people begin being intrested in the subculture while still in school. And if that applies to you, then you might be asking: With all the dress code restrictions and possible bullying from my peers, what do I wear? Well, here are some tips:

Хотя, конечно, есть много готов, которые имеют работу и свои семьи, большинство людей начинают интересоватся этой субкультурой когда они еще в школе. И если это относится к вам, то вы можете спросить: Со всеми ограничениями в дресс-коде  и возможным издевательством от своих сверстников, что мне надеть? Ну, вот несколько советов.

- Wear band shirts. These can easily express who you want to be (your favorite bands), are generally simple and unoffensive, and are a very gothic fashion choice. Bauhaus or The Cure are good bands to start with.
- Носите футболки групп. Они могут легко выразить, кем вы хотите быть (ваши любимые группы), и как правило, просты и безобидмы, и любимый пункт многих готов. Баухауз или Cure являются хорошими группами для начала.

- Wear lolita style clothes. Surprisingly it is a style most teachers simply love, and if you dress lolita it is almost guaranteed you will not offend anyone. Plus you will get lots of compliments on your clothes!
To buy gothic lolita clothes, there is an exellent website called BODYLINE which has many intresting and relatively inexpensive items.
- Носите одежду стиля Лолита. Удивительно, этот стиль большинство учителей очень любят, а  платьем Лолита  почти гарантировано что вы никого не обидете. Кроме того, вы получите много комплиментов от друзей!
Чтобы купить готическую одежду лолита, есть отлично вебсайт под названием BODYLINE который имеет много интересных и относительно недорогих товаров.

- Wear black. Most mainstream stores have clothes in diffrent colors and black is one of them. Black clothes are completely unoffensive if they are more or less plain or with simple designs, and if you wear black you will most likely be seen as goth right away. Plus, an outfit is easier to pick out when you are less worried about matching colors, and stains show less on black then on colored clothing.
- Носиту черное. Наиболее типичные магазины одежды продают разные цвета и черные является одним из них. Черные одежды, полностью безобидны, если они более или менее обычный или с простым дизайном, и если вы носите черные вас, скорее всего следует рассматривать как гот сразу. Кроме того, наряд легче подобрать, когда вы меньше беспокоиться по поводу соответствия цветов, и пятна показываются меньше на черном чем на цветной одежде.

- Speaking of black, what I find looks good is wearing a black outfit with one other color, like a black skirt, shirt and jacket with a purple scarf.
- Если говорить о черном,  выглядит хорошо черный костюм с одним другим цветом, например черная юбка, рубашка и куртка с фиолетовым шарфом.

Here are some good examples:
Вот некоторые примеры:
black Monster Magnet t-shirtblack Topshop boots - black New Yorker leggingsblack nifelheim t-shirt - black Modekungen jacket

Mana Sama is good inspiration:
Мана Саме является хорошим примером

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Bad Pictures

Here it is the Bad Pictures. People tried to look goth, but either they are not good at makeup, fashion or photography and now they are being made fun of.  Making fun of anyone's appearance is wrong. Don't worry, Kismet won't do that on their blog. But who wants such a photograph of them floating around on the Internet? No one. So I will tell you how to avoid this diseaster.

Здесь есть плохие картины. Люди пытались казатся модными готами, но либо они не очень хорошо понимают в макияже, моде или фотографии теперь их высмеивают. Конечноб не хорошо высмеивать людей за их вид. Не волнуйтесь, Кисмет этого делать не станет . Но кто хочет такую фотографию в интернете? Никто. Так что я расскажу вам, как избежать этого.

Example 1

Пример 1

This is a very pretty young lady, but unfortunately she does not know how to do her hair and put on makeup. Let's try to help her.
One of the most common makeup mistakes is the eyebrows.. Had she either drawn them on or used mascara on them (yes, eyelash mascara. If your hair is dyed black and your eyebrows don't match it you can use mascara for a more natural look.) and maybe some lipstick (I would go with a not-very-bright red or just clear lip gloss) she would look a lot better. As for her hair, had she brushed the part on her face away or cut it shorter it would have looked perfect. And I seriosly DO NOT ADVICE ANYONE TO BRUSH LONG HAIR IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE. Apart from looking somewhat tacky it can also become a safety hazard because you can't see through it if there's a lot.
Overall if you do not consider the makeup, I think the outfit looks very good and I like her jacket, as well as the flower she's holding.

Это очень красивая девушка, но, к сожалению, она не знает, как сделать прическу и  макияж. Попробуем помочь ей.
Один из самых распространенных ошибок макияжа - это брови . Если бы она либо нарисовала их или использовала тушь (да, тушь для ресниц . Если ваши волосы окрашены в черный цвет и ваши брови не соответствуют этому, можно подкрасить  их тушью. Тушь выглядит более естественно, чем карандаш для бровей.) и, возможно, немного помады ( я бы попробовала не очень ярко-красную или прозрачный блеск для губ) и она выглядела бы намного лучше. Что касается ее волос, если бы она 
убрала их с лица или сделала челку это выглядело бы гораздо лучше. И я всерьез  не советую никому начесывать длинные волосы на лицо. Кроме того, что это дурно выглядит, это также может стать угрозой для безопасности, потому что вы не можете видеть сквозь волосы, если их много.
В целом, если не считать макияж, я думаю, что одежда выглядит очень хорошо, и мне нравится ее куртка, а также цветок что она держит.

Example 2
Пример 2

This picture is a much worse one then the last, but with some things changed it could also look okay.
Let's start with the shirt. Making your own clothes or your own designs on a t-shirt is usually a fun and creative idea. But you need to know what to draw. If she really wanted a slipknot shirt I would suggest either finding an actual one or at least using a stencil for more intresting lettering and maybe a diffrent design of some kind apart from the star. Also, more to fit the theme of the band would be a black shirt or a dark red one as opposed to white. Also, my friends, don't forget the acessories! A necklace or choker of some kind, gloves, or maybe a fishnet shirt underneath would have made a great diffrence. As for the hair, it looks more or less okay exept for the part that is brushed in front of her face. Had she gotten bangs instead and maybe put her hair up somehow it would have looked much better.
The makeup actually is not as bad as it may seem. It just doesn't suit this hairstyle and outfit. She was clearly going for more of a casual goth look, and with that, just some black eyeliner and maybe lip gloss would have been enough. If she wants to wear her makeup exactly like that, a deathrock or even dark victorian style outfit would be much more fitting.
And the bathroom! NEVER, I mean NEVER, my dear friends, NEVER take pictures in a bathroom! Especially if the shower curtain or soap bottle or toilet or anything is in the picture with you! Had the background for the picture been just a plain wall or even the girl's room it would have looked much better.

Эта фотография гораздо хуже, чем первая, но если изменить некоторые вещи, она также может выглядеть хорошо.

Давайте начнем с футболки. Создание вашей собственной одежды или ваших собственных    рисунков на футболке, как правило, веселая и творческая идея. Но вы должны знать, что делать. Если она действительно хотела Slipknot футболку, я хотела бы предложить либо найти реальную или, по крайней мере использовать трафарет для более интересной надписи. Кроме того, больше соответствовать теме группы будет черная рубашке или темно красная, а не белая. Кроме того, друзья мои, не забывайте аксессуары!Ожерелье или колье ,перчатки, а может быть, ажурные рубашка снизу все бы исправили. Что касается волос, она выглядит более или менее нормально не считая часть, которая начесана на лицо. Если бы она сделала челку и, возможно, подобрала  волосы то это выглядело бы гораздо лучше.

Макияж на самом деле не так плох, как может показаться. Он просто не идет с этой прической и нарядом. Здесь только немного черного карандаша для глаз и блеска для губ, может быть, было бы достаточно.

И ванна! НИКОГДА, НИКОГДА Я хочу сказать, мои дорогие друзья, НИКОГДА не фотографировать в ванной! Особенно, если бутылка, занавеска или мыло или туалет или что-нибудь находится в кадре рядом с вами! Если бы фоном для картины был просто обычный стены или даже комната девушки это выглядело бы гораздо лучше.

And finally, some good examples.
И, наконец, несколько хороших примеров

Блог на Русском

Yesturday, a friend of mine gave me an awesome suggestion: make the blog in russian and english! Since I know russian this is easy. After all there are many people who like goth both in Russia and english speaking countries and very few russian goth blogs.

Вчера, мой друг дал мне удивительное предложение: сделать блог на русском и английском! Поскольку я знаю русский это легко. В конце концов есть много людей, которые любят готов в России и странах говорящих по английски и очень мало и России гот блогов

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Basic Fishnet Shirt ; Кофты в Сеточку

Every goth blog these days seems to have a tutorial for fishnet shirts of some kind. Usually the sort made with tights. And since this is Kismet's blog and not every blog, I won't tell you how to make a fishnet shirt out of tights. But I'll give you a link to Antimony and Lace, who felt like they needed to explain everything themselves. I know it says gloves. That's because it's fishnet shirts AND gloves.

So why did I make a post about fishnet shirts if I wasn't going to talk about them?  Well, because I have a fishnet shirt. But after wearing it for some time, I noticed the ends of the sleeves were stretching and it wouldn't stay on how I wanted anymore.  I did not want to make a new one because I liked my old one and only wore it for some time and it looked really nice. I am sure something like this has once happened to everyone. So when that happens, what do you do?

Каждый гот блог в эти дни, кажется, руководство для какой-то кофты в сеточку . Обычно это сделаны из колготок. А раз это блог Kismet и не каждый блог, я не скажу вам, как сделать кофты в сеточку  из колготок. Но я дам вам ссылку на Antimony and Lace, которые чувствовали, что они должны все объяснить сами.

Так почему же я делаю сообщение о кофты в сеточку , если я не буду говорить о них? Ну, потому что у меня есть  кофты в сеточку . Но после ношения в течение некоторого времени, я заметил, концы рукавов были растянуты, и больше он не держитсе как я хотел . Я не хочу делать новый, потому что мне понравилась моя старая и только носил ее в течение некоторого времени, и это выглядело очень мило. Я уверен, что-то подобное уже однажды случилось со всеми. Так что, когда это случится, что же делать?

One way to do fix is if you have an old pair of fingerless gloves or even armwarmers. They must be ones that fit snugly though, like these (which means leather or PVC ones won't work):

Один из способов сделать исправление, если у вас есть старая пара перчатки без пальцев или митенки. Они должны быть те, которые плотно прилегают,  как эти (что
означает, кожи или ПВХ не пойдет):

You can try stitching them to the shirt, so that it looks like you are wearing a fishnet shirt and the gloves on top. If you don't have gloves, you can use fabric from old t-shirt to make gloves, which I will write about later.You can even try using those cloth elastic things and see if that works. 

Вы можете попробовать пришить их к кофте, так что он выглядит как вы носите ковту в сеточку перчатки и сверху. Если у вас нет перчаток, вы можете использовать ткани из старой футболке и сделать перчатки, о которых я напишу чуть позже. Вы даже можете попробовать использовать тканевые резинки, если это работает.

Some Nice Makeup Pictures for Inspiration

A simple idea for everyday, or when you don't have much time

Another simple idea. Would work well for school or work with diffrent lipstick.

A good deathrock style look, maybe for going to parties or clubs, but I doubt this will look right at school.

An exellent example of what NOT to do. It is messy, over-crowded and everything looks out of place. 

Parents and Goth: Part One

Sometimes we think that almost the only people who do not like the way we look or the music we listen to are our own parents. This is more often true then not. But most of us live with our parents or at least see them very often. And they disapprove of the things we like. The question is: what do we do?

1) Do not bring your parents attention to the way you are dresssed. Avoid asking them if a certain item looks good on you, how you should style your hair or anything like that. And NEVER ask them if you are goth. Because I know a lot of people who did that and not one time it ended well.

2) In fact, try to avoid on any conversation with them on the topics of  goth, not goth, or anything of the like, unless your parents started said conversation themselves.

3) In the case they say something negative: first, think about it. One extremely popular parent comment, "your skirt/ shorts is too short", is actually a good piece of advice in a whole lot of cases. I mean, these days people would go out in something that is MUCH too short and wonder why everyone is staring.

4) If you are perfectly sure your parents are trying to insult you (which happens) or simply do not understand, NOW tell them about the goth subculture, its values, and its origins. Tell them your style is about tolerance and accepting people for whatever it is they want to be. There are many misconceptions about goth that your parents might believe in, like that you are now Satanist ( which is a perfectly good religion that has so many misconceptions and rumors about it that I can make ten new posts and not explain a thing) or are going to use drugs. If they understand that this is not true, I am sure they will be at least a bit more accepting.

5) In the rare case that none of this works, now you can panic. By that I mean taking your goth clothes to school and changing into them there, putting your makeup on after leaving the house, hiding your CDs and the similar. Remember however that this is a very risky move. What if someone sees that you are changing clothes? Or you are in a hurry and forget to remove your makeup before going home? I do, however, believe that everybody has a right to be themselves, and if this is what you feel you need to do to be yourself, then do it.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goth with natural hair?

There has been many questions if you can have natural colored hair and still be goth. Especially if your natural hair color is something like blonde or light brown. So I will try to answer.

For an example, my natural hair color was blonde when I was born. When I was about twelve, I dyed my hair red. But being a twelve-year-old, I did not look carefully and bought extremely bad quality dye. So after my roots began to grow out, I saw that they were more of a gark grey, with streaks of brownish green. (Yes, you read that right. Green. Not green like a Christmas tree, but a little bit green still)  When that happened I had no choice but to keep dyeing my hair because  believe me dark grey is not a very nice color for me.

I had often wanted black hair, mainly because of it is a very goth color. But there is a problem with dye hair black. It is that the pigment that they put in black dye is actually a cancirogen, which means it makes you more probably to have cancer. And no one wants cancer.

So for me, I dye my hair dark brown and that is okay.

Foreverybody else? There is plenty of goth with natural color hair. Like goth model Adora BatBrat's hair is blonde. My favorite blog writer Amy from Ultimate Goth Guide also has blonde hair. If you are going for a romantic or victorian goth style there are few things better then natural hair. Even Marilyn Manson sometimes had brown or red hair.

But natural hair also has its problems. Many times there is a photograph of somebody on the Internet with goth style clothes, black lipstick, but with blonde or brown hair. And they look like a clueless baby-bat, whose parents simply won't let them dye their hair. (Although if you think, the black lipstick I said is only making it worse.) It is  not a good picture for Internet and if it is you, plase do not post that picture. People will put nasty comments and you will be sad.

THat picture could easily be avoid however. The solution: remember your hair has shape, not just color! If you get an intresting haircut, I say any color is good. And remember that you can always curl, straighten or put your hair up however you want.

Monday, 2 January 2012

The "Gothbox"

Today I will show you how to transform a box that you may have lying around the house. Mine was from some makeup stuff I got last Christmas. It looked nice and was too good quality to throw out. Buy bright oringe with blue and pink flowers? No way!

Here it is when it is finished:

First what I did was paint the inside fabric, the bottom of the box and the fabric part at the back black with fabric paint. Ordinary acrylic paint would work too. Don't worry if you get some paint on the top or sides of the box, you will not see that when it's finish. 

When that is done and it is drying, go on the computer and fing your favorite gothic pictures. You can use band pictures, art, photographs or whatever you choose.

Go into Powerpoint and arrange the pictures to make a collage the size the top of your box is, or a little smaller. THen you can add words or quotes on top of the pictures.

When you are happy with your collage you can print it out. Then cut it out and glue on the top of the box with a glue stick. If your collage is smaller then the top of your box, color the remaining area on the top of the box black with a Sharpie.

Cover the top of your box with clear packaging tape.

Now you can put safety pins through trhe top part of the box like I did. Be careful not tho rip the tape or paper when doing this.

When the top pf thwe box is done you need to make the sides. I used Britshafix, which is a lind of self-adhesive paper. You can paint the sides of the box or cover them with pictures if you want.

If you are using adhesive paper like me, don't measure it. it just takes up too much time. Cut a slightly bigger piece and then just cut off the extra and it will be faster and look better.

Once the sides of the box are done, you can decorate it with more safety pins or put paper or fabric on the inside.

Here is how mine looks. I used it for papers and some poems that I did not write in my notebook.

Hello everyone!

Today it's my first time trying to make a blog. I am not very good with computers so please excuse my very very bad typing and my weird e-mail. It's a friend's. My own e-mail broke somehow and it won't open, so I figured there's no point in using it.

What will I write about, you ask? Well, if you came here searching for gothic fashion and DIY, then I suppose that question is answer. So many people today spend their moneys on things that they could make themselves. Or on expensive overprice brand name clothing. $30 for a fishnet shirt and $150 for a dress? No way! I will show you how to make these and many more goth-style items out of things that you, possibly, already own.

As for gothic music, hobbies, poetry and the like, which I know no goth could live without, then I'll try to write about that too. But mainly fashion. Why? Because fashion is what you actually see. Say, you see somebody on the street in a black trenchcoat, platform boots and Cruxshadows shirt. Most people will almost immediately see them as goth, be that good or bad. And if they wore jeans and an Adidas hoodie instead? They may listen to the same bands and have the same hobbies, but you would never know. So, fashion it is.