Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goth With VERY Short Hair?

I know several people who faced this problem: first they get a really short haircut then either it doesn't look good or they get tired of it. Or it "doesn't go" with their choice of outfits and makeup. Then what do you do? Here are some tips:

1) Look for hairclips or headbands. A nice hairclip can instantly change a hairstyle. I would try a store like Claire's or Ardene's because they are both inexpensive and hace good quality stuff.

2) Get an INTRESTING short haircut as opposed to a boring one. Maybe even something like this:

3) Dye your hair another color. A change of color changes the appearance of a hairstyle very much.

4) Put on your favorite Sweet Lolita dress and a nice bow, turn your CD player on max volume and forget about it. My favorite way to solve problems actually, it works somewhat like this:

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