Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goth with natural hair?

There has been many questions if you can have natural colored hair and still be goth. Especially if your natural hair color is something like blonde or light brown. So I will try to answer.

For an example, my natural hair color was blonde when I was born. When I was about twelve, I dyed my hair red. But being a twelve-year-old, I did not look carefully and bought extremely bad quality dye. So after my roots began to grow out, I saw that they were more of a gark grey, with streaks of brownish green. (Yes, you read that right. Green. Not green like a Christmas tree, but a little bit green still)  When that happened I had no choice but to keep dyeing my hair because  believe me dark grey is not a very nice color for me.

I had often wanted black hair, mainly because of it is a very goth color. But there is a problem with dye hair black. It is that the pigment that they put in black dye is actually a cancirogen, which means it makes you more probably to have cancer. And no one wants cancer.

So for me, I dye my hair dark brown and that is okay.

Foreverybody else? There is plenty of goth with natural color hair. Like goth model Adora BatBrat's hair is blonde. My favorite blog writer Amy from Ultimate Goth Guide also has blonde hair. If you are going for a romantic or victorian goth style there are few things better then natural hair. Even Marilyn Manson sometimes had brown or red hair.

But natural hair also has its problems. Many times there is a photograph of somebody on the Internet with goth style clothes, black lipstick, but with blonde or brown hair. And they look like a clueless baby-bat, whose parents simply won't let them dye their hair. (Although if you think, the black lipstick I said is only making it worse.) It is  not a good picture for Internet and if it is you, plase do not post that picture. People will put nasty comments and you will be sad.

THat picture could easily be avoid however. The solution: remember your hair has shape, not just color! If you get an intresting haircut, I say any color is good. And remember that you can always curl, straighten or put your hair up however you want.

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