Thursday, 5 January 2012

Parents and Goth: Part One

Sometimes we think that almost the only people who do not like the way we look or the music we listen to are our own parents. This is more often true then not. But most of us live with our parents or at least see them very often. And they disapprove of the things we like. The question is: what do we do?

1) Do not bring your parents attention to the way you are dresssed. Avoid asking them if a certain item looks good on you, how you should style your hair or anything like that. And NEVER ask them if you are goth. Because I know a lot of people who did that and not one time it ended well.

2) In fact, try to avoid on any conversation with them on the topics of  goth, not goth, or anything of the like, unless your parents started said conversation themselves.

3) In the case they say something negative: first, think about it. One extremely popular parent comment, "your skirt/ shorts is too short", is actually a good piece of advice in a whole lot of cases. I mean, these days people would go out in something that is MUCH too short and wonder why everyone is staring.

4) If you are perfectly sure your parents are trying to insult you (which happens) or simply do not understand, NOW tell them about the goth subculture, its values, and its origins. Tell them your style is about tolerance and accepting people for whatever it is they want to be. There are many misconceptions about goth that your parents might believe in, like that you are now Satanist ( which is a perfectly good religion that has so many misconceptions and rumors about it that I can make ten new posts and not explain a thing) or are going to use drugs. If they understand that this is not true, I am sure they will be at least a bit more accepting.

5) In the rare case that none of this works, now you can panic. By that I mean taking your goth clothes to school and changing into them there, putting your makeup on after leaving the house, hiding your CDs and the similar. Remember however that this is a very risky move. What if someone sees that you are changing clothes? Or you are in a hurry and forget to remove your makeup before going home? I do, however, believe that everybody has a right to be themselves, and if this is what you feel you need to do to be yourself, then do it.

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