Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello everyone!

Today it's my first time trying to make a blog. I am not very good with computers so please excuse my very very bad typing and my weird e-mail. It's a friend's. My own e-mail broke somehow and it won't open, so I figured there's no point in using it.

What will I write about, you ask? Well, if you came here searching for gothic fashion and DIY, then I suppose that question is answer. So many people today spend their moneys on things that they could make themselves. Or on expensive overprice brand name clothing. $30 for a fishnet shirt and $150 for a dress? No way! I will show you how to make these and many more goth-style items out of things that you, possibly, already own.

As for gothic music, hobbies, poetry and the like, which I know no goth could live without, then I'll try to write about that too. But mainly fashion. Why? Because fashion is what you actually see. Say, you see somebody on the street in a black trenchcoat, platform boots and Cruxshadows shirt. Most people will almost immediately see them as goth, be that good or bad. And if they wore jeans and an Adidas hoodie instead? They may listen to the same bands and have the same hobbies, but you would never know. So, fashion it is.

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