Monday, 2 January 2012

The "Gothbox"

Today I will show you how to transform a box that you may have lying around the house. Mine was from some makeup stuff I got last Christmas. It looked nice and was too good quality to throw out. Buy bright oringe with blue and pink flowers? No way!

Here it is when it is finished:

First what I did was paint the inside fabric, the bottom of the box and the fabric part at the back black with fabric paint. Ordinary acrylic paint would work too. Don't worry if you get some paint on the top or sides of the box, you will not see that when it's finish. 

When that is done and it is drying, go on the computer and fing your favorite gothic pictures. You can use band pictures, art, photographs or whatever you choose.

Go into Powerpoint and arrange the pictures to make a collage the size the top of your box is, or a little smaller. THen you can add words or quotes on top of the pictures.

When you are happy with your collage you can print it out. Then cut it out and glue on the top of the box with a glue stick. If your collage is smaller then the top of your box, color the remaining area on the top of the box black with a Sharpie.

Cover the top of your box with clear packaging tape.

Now you can put safety pins through trhe top part of the box like I did. Be careful not tho rip the tape or paper when doing this.

When the top pf thwe box is done you need to make the sides. I used Britshafix, which is a lind of self-adhesive paper. You can paint the sides of the box or cover them with pictures if you want.

If you are using adhesive paper like me, don't measure it. it just takes up too much time. Cut a slightly bigger piece and then just cut off the extra and it will be faster and look better.

Once the sides of the box are done, you can decorate it with more safety pins or put paper or fabric on the inside.

Here is how mine looks. I used it for papers and some poems that I did not write in my notebook.

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