Saturday, 9 June 2012

Clothes Challenge

I'm tired of buying the cheapest of the cheapest.
I'm tired of going straight to the sales rack whenever I enter a store.
I'm tired of digging through flea markets, discount stores and bags of clothes my relatives are going to throw out.
Even though I am a creative person, I'm tired of making everything myself.
I'm tired of always lookng at pictures of beautiful style for reasonable prices on he internet only to be told that I'm not supposed to have them.

For these reasons, I decided to start the "Conservative Challenge", the name of which I did NOT invent,  and I invite you to join me. The rules are simple:

1) Do not buy any new articles of clothing, shoes, or acessories for one month, excluding the absolutely neccesary.(Absolutely neccesary as in your last pair of tights got ripped and you had to throw hem out, not as in you liking something you found very much)
2) For that month, wear the things that you already have in your closet, but try not to repeat outfits.
3) Be free to make or alter things, but only with the items/materials that you already have.

Although I know I should not have pictures, I will try to take a picture of each outfit I wear during this time and make an outfit post, starting tomorrow. I, as many other people, have plenty of things in my closet that I rarely wear just because I have no time to find what to wear them with, and I hope this can help me find a use for items I already have instead of buying new things.

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