Monday, 18 June 2012

My Biggest Fashion Fears

Every one of ys has something we are afraid will happen to us. Here are some of my fashion fears, which most of you probably share:

1) Plastic nails falling off in public
    I guess I have a good reason why I'm afraid this would happen. Firstly, it hppened to me once and I must say having a six-year-old cousin pull something black out of his instant-noodles and realizing that it is your own plastic fingernail is not a pleasant experience. Now, I usually don't have fale nails, and I only use plastic to replace my nails if they break, but I still don't like finding them in somebody's food.

2) Looking "silly"
   I am sure this is a fear many of us have. Silly as in looking like I am wearing a halloween costume instead of normal clothes, or looking like I tried too hard to be "cool". Although this only happened once to me, when handing out candy on Halloween I ran out and had to go to the store to buy more but had no time to change out of my costume, I see people looking like they forgot what time of year it is and claiming to be goth almost every day.

3) Losing my nazar  ring
It is believed that wearing a ring or piece of jewelwry with a blue eye on it will protect one from the evil eye. My ring is a good-luck charm to me and I am very afraid of losing it. However, I strongly doubt this will happen anytime soon as the ring has literally grown on me, in the sense that I can no longer take it off. Even with soap. The ring is also sterling silver and a one-of-a-kind handmade design, so it is very dear to me.

Looks somewhat like this one, but with a thinner band and slightly brighter eye.


  1. I suffer from the fear that I don't look "goth enough" at times. It's stupid, because my clothes don't make me who I am, but I have that little irrational fear of people thinking I'm a poseur. Stupid insecurities...
    On a happier note, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

    1. It's okay, that happens to me too, exept exactly the other way around. I sometimes worry that I look too goth-like and people may think that I actually am goth. Also. thanks for nominating me!