Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Choosing a Hairstyle

When choosing a new hairstyle for ourselves, especially if we want something very diffrent from what we already have. Some think too much of how a hairstyle will make them "unique" and too little of how it actually looks, often ending with something completely ridiculous. Even I, when I was eleven or twelve, did hours of research and sketches of what I wanted, and upon presenting them to my parents was told that all I was actually allowed to do was to cut my hair two inches or so shorter. We then, however, thought of a deal: If I paid for the haircut myself, I could get whatever I wanted, but if they had to pay for it, they would choose. Since no stylist would do the haircut that I initially wanted for under $80 and almost every one said it would be extremely high-maintenance and I would never have the time for that, I decided to wait with the haircut.
Also, remember this when researching hairstyles on the internet: If you find something you like on a model wo looks nothing like you, it is unlikely that it will make you look good. Models usually have hours to spend on their hair, plenty of money and a professional stylist, something you probably don't.
The Right Haircut for Your Face

face shape guide Diamond Face: Narrow forehead, small pointy chin, and wide cheeks.
Haircut & Style: To create a balance shape look for styles that are narrow at the cheekbones and wider at the forehead. Add a little more fullness at the crown if required.

Heart face: Wide, short forehead, and small pointy chin.

Haircut & Style: Suited styles are like layered bob with extra volume and outward flicks at chin level. Asymmetric cuts are also flattering heart-shaped faces.

Oval face: High forehead and narrow, slightly rounded chin.
Haircut & Style: This is the most balanced face shape and almost perfect for any type of hair style.

Rectangle face: Long face with high forehead and long jaw and chin. Also known as long face shape.
Haircut & Style:Suited styles are like chin or shoulder-length cuts with a fringe that can disguises the long forehead.

Round face:Wide, short forehead, full jaw and chin.
Haircut & Style:The round shape normally makes the cheeks appear wider. Most short hair cuts works well for round face as long as there is some height at the crown area and little fullness above the ears to slim down the round face. Soft cuts with sophisticated layers coming forward onto the face look stylish and is an ideal hair style for round face shape. Soft curls will also flatter the frame of a round face. For straight hair asymmetric cuts can also be an option. Read more about hair styles for round faces.

Square face: A wide, short forehead and square jaw.
Haircut & Style: Square edges should be soften by breaking the symmetry. Graduated layers with some volume at crown and soft curls looks stylish on this type of face shape. Read more about hair styles for square faces.

Triangular face: Narrow at the temples, slightly wider at the cheeks and widest at the jaw line.
Haircut & Style: Most short hair cuts works for this type of face. Avoid styles with volume at the top.

Remember to note distinctive features like your nose, cheekbones, or jaw line. You can then decide to downplay or highlight these features with the short hair cut style you choose. The real trick is to pick hairstyles that enhance your best features while camouflaging any flaws.

Please remember that this face shape concept is only a simple hair cut guide and there are exceptions. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish two face shapes from each other and you may not get an exact match. But usually these classifications of face shapes will help you select a better style for your face. Here are some ideas for neat and low-maintenance styles:

Remember, it could be any color.

I had short hair for a while, bit mow I'm growing it out into something like this.

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For guys, simple short hair is the eaiest option.

These however, are not a good idea:
gothic haircuts
It looks okay, but kep in mind that with bangs like that you won't be able to see.

Looks good on that one model in that one picture with that one outfit,
but definitely not for everyday life.


  1. I still cant decide wich facetipe is mine... :) Oval, with strong jaws describes it.

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