Monday, 9 July 2012

...Are They Just Trying to Make Me More Coinfident?!

Almost everybody gets compliments once in a while. Compliments are good. But what if somebody tells us the person is just trying to give us more self-esteem, or make us "less depressed", or anything else just because of what we look like?. It is trye there is some goth stereotype that goths are depressed amd with no self-esteem. But it is the same as saying all people from Newfoundland are idiots or all asians can't drive. Yes, there are idiot people in Newfoundland  just as in any province, and some asian people, like people from any continent, can't drive.  But mostly, they are not true. Just the same with goths. Some goth people are depressed, but there are just as many depressed non'goth people. **Also, a little secret. Don't tell anyone. Most people who are truly depressed are no longer intrested in their fashion style or appearance, so goth is usually not them.**

So, how do you tell if somebody genuinely likes something or are just trying to be nice? First, look at who the person is. If they are somebody who you can see likes alternative fashion, I strongly doubt they will thing you have no self-esteem because you wear alternative fashion. If it's someone you don't know well, they are probably just happy to see somebody else not dressed in a "mainstream" style. Then, think about what they said. If they mentioned what they like, like an item of clothing, or asked where you got it, it's probably just them liking something. If they just like how you look, it again depends on who said it. But if they say you have a nice face that would have looked better with less makeup, or that your style is "ruining you", then it is not even compliment. IT IS AN INSULT. Just walk away from that person.

Remember, this was what Marilyn Manson looked like mainstream.

HOWEVER. There is always a big HOWEVER. Like that time a lady at a store stopped me at a store to tell me what a horrible thing goth is and that I should not be dressing goth, and I said that HOWEVER I am not goth, it is called decadent movement, and she does not know what she is talk about.
So, However. If you often get told that your style does not suit you, and if it is not just that one person stuck on it like a broken CD player, then you might want to actually consider the point. Maybe if you wear whiteface every day and have dripping eyeliner, they are right in a way. It all depends.

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