Friday, 6 July 2012

Tips on Becoming More Coinfident

I find the most important thing for me to have coinfidence in how I look is following my one simple rule: If you're not proud of it, don't wear it and definitely don't post it. I was taught this by my good friend art teacher T.J., who said it applying to artwork, but it applies to an outfit just the same. Look in the mirror before leaving home, and think if you are proud of how you look, or at least of what you look like. For example, I have days when I'm looking like a intelligent and creative person ready to meet with their friends and have fun, and this is good. But there are also a small number of days when I feel like a Ziggy Stardust clone from the 70s, which usually means I should probably wear something else. If you know for sure you were proud of what you wore at home, you should feel more coinfident when you leave.

No offense.

As for the "don't post it" part: I'm going to be open and say that I HATE IT when people post a picture of themselves and say how ugly they are. This is called fishing for compliments, dear friends, and it gives others a bad opinion of you, as well as drives poor Kismet pretty fucking insane. If you post a picture and then say you look bad in it, the question is why you posted it. If you really did not thing yourself ugly, you would not have written that you did, and if you thought you were actually ugly, you would not have posted a picture. Agreed.

Otherwise, it may work for you that you feel more coinfident if you are with a friend wearing a similar style. Maybe it helps to just start talking to someone. I know it helps when I am taking the bus or subway somewhere to just talk  to the person next to me, about something completely unrelated to style. Talk about how good or bad the weather is, or something that you saw in the newspaper they were reading, or how dirty it is in the bus, how somebody should clean it, how people have no concience and just leave trash all over the place and how that never happens on YOUR planet. But don't freak anyone out too much or else people will stop taking buses and the ticket fares will go up.

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