Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tips on Shopping With Your Parents

Many of us sometimes shop with our parents or relatives, and some rarely shop without them. While some people's parents just buy them whatever they say they want, this is rare. Here are some tips on actually getting parents to buy you what you want.

1) Before going shopping, make a list together, or at least make a list and show it to your parents. Try to be specific, and remember that no one can read your mind and you actually have to say what you want. For example:

In somebody else's mind, "boots" may look like this;

While it is hard for "black pointy-toe boots with buckles"
to look much diffrent from this.
 However, keep in mind that not everything can be easily found. For example, "black and purple  knee-high  boots with  2-inch platforms and bat-shaped buckles" is probably too specific to be actually found. Make sure what you write in your list still leaves you with a choice.

2) Don't settle for less. If you want boots, don't settle for converse. This may just leave you with no more money to spend and an item that you don't want.
However, what you can do is this: Say, you want a black miniskirt with lace, but you think your parents may not. Then, show them some lace-covered, black skull print, ridiculous monstrosity from your nearest Hot Topic and say here, I want something like that. Then, spend time looking for "something similar" and show them the skirt you actually want.  They will be more then happy to buy it for you once they've seen the first option.

3) Wear mainstream-looking clothes when shopping with parents if they don't like your style. Skip the hair and makeup too. Instead of "Buy me another crazy something", in their eyes your look will say " It's only one item, if they wear it with these normal and colorful clothes it won't look that unusual". This sounds strange, but believe me, it works. I used to own a pair of light-wash jeans an a pastel blue hoodie just for the purpose.

4) Be willing to pay for the item yourself, at least partly. That doesn't mean you'd actually pay for it. You won't. Just say the item means a lot to you and you are willing to pay for it.

Happy shopping!

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