Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things I Wish I was Told As a Beginner

All of us had a time when we were just trying on the gothic fashion, and seeing what worked. It is the time when we just experimented with what looks good and feels like "us" and what does not. Here are some things I, and possibly you too, wished we were told during that time.

Not only is cheap halloween makeup look terrible, it is also a health concern. It is only meant to be worn for one night on Halloween, and if it is not it can permanently hurt you. Learned that from my own experience with black lipstick, which around my age 12-13 left my lips almost without color. I still look at my childhood photos and wonder how this happened, and although the color is slowly coming back, leaving the house without (normal) lipstick is not an option.

Although it may notr look awfully gothic, "Kiss My Face"
brand lipstickis organic and will not cause ay harm to you.
 The dark red is actually very, very dark...

The same applies to hair dye, of cource. If you want your hair to grow back blonde, don't use cheap red hair dye from some country where they don't even bother to write out the instructions in english. M.G. and S. can prove. Try temporary hair dye, if anything.

Also, you may want to know to NEVER leave on chipped nail polish, unless it is clear. Hands are one of the first things people notice about you, and you want them to look good. This also means that one should be using cutucle remover to give their nails a good shape, and that all one's nails must be the same length. Never bite your nails! Especially if you are using a nail polish color that will attract attention, or is bright or very dark .
This is very good.
Another fact: not everything with skulls is goth. Plenty of things with skulls are less goth than anything can be. Skulls ofte scream "teen angst!", which I'm sure is something you don't want to be seen as having. Yes, skulls can be worn tastefully, but this is not easy. For example, if skulls are a part of a design but not the main focus of it, and the redt of the design is sophistiated and tasteful this may work. If not sure try to keep them to a minimum. And please, no skulls with hearts!
For instance, here I am sorry to say that no, please don't, not even
 for emo style and definitely not for goth, this is too much and too tacky,
I want to say I've seen worse but I doubt I have so please just
NEVER wear anthing like this!!!
Apart from that, probably one of the most important things I've learned in a long time: Don't drown in your dreams and don't live in a box. I know, mommy tells you to dream. And not just her, but the rest of society as well. Don't wait for your dreams to come true, because without your help they never will. You can't win the lottery if you don't buy tickets. I'm not saying don't dream; dream alright. But don't want to be, be. Don't be afraid. Go ahead, get your ears pierced, get a haircut, change your name and do whatever you want! No age is too young; if it works in your eyes it will work in mine. Show this post to your mommies and friends and schoolteachers, and tell them Kismet agrees. Don't wait until you grow or lose weight or gain counfidence or anything happens! Start now, and new coinfidence will be yours. Don't say you want to do something, do it! It is yourself, and you must take the steps to become what you want to be and do it NOW!!!


  1. Well , I actually like that "skulls everywhere" picture, it would look totally cute on my 11-year old sister!

    For myself? Naaaah.

    1. I was meaning what I said in the context of someone who is an older teen or adult wearing it, not an 11-year-old.
      What may look good on a child will usually not work on an adult...