Saturday, 24 March 2012

More About Makeup

For start, I would like to make a note about looking like the Crow. This kind of crow is okay.

And this kind is not.

Especially if it makes you look like this.

I don't really like this look, even in the movie, but it seems to have become rather popular. Unfortunately, the lines flatter very few people and, more often then not, make them look like a clown. This is a very common mistake for beginners, who often think that the look is "gothic" because of its somewhat similar use of color to the stereotypical goth look. I would suggest to avoid this look altogether, because not only does it have a strong connection to the "mall-goth" scene, it distracts from one's true facial features so much that it makes it hard to talk to them or read their expression. The last may heighten the misconception that goths, including yourself, are antisocial, depressed, or trying to look "scary".  All of this is thankfully in almost all cases not true, so we should not be making people think it is.

Speaking of makeup, I would say that if you are new to subculture, a good idea is to start with mainstream makeup looks, but in darker colors. Cat eyes are a good idea.

Another common mistake, almost as popular, if not more, then the Crow look, is out'of'place or badly applied black lipstick. Black is a color of lipstick that goes with very few face types and skin shades, and if it is applied with even a slight mistake or smudge, or is even a tiny bit uneven, it will be visible right away.
Plus, black lipstick does not go with every ourfit you wear, for example wearing it with a t shirt and jeans almost never looks good. Even lighting here plays a part: black lipsticl can look very awkward on a bright day or under electric light. And I have NEVER seen it look good with no foundarion or no eye makeup, which many beginners seem to think is okay. Here are some other colors of lipstick that are better:
This is the color I like to use, a dark pink.(the picture is not of me)

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