Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tips for New To Goth

I would have written "babybats", but I strongly dislike that word. I find it is separate new to goth from those longer in the subculture and is not very respectful.

  • Try to listen to some classic goth bands, if only to get an idea of what the music is like. These include Siouxie and the Banshees, the Cure, Sisters of Mercy and the similar. However, unlike many people out there think , you don't HAVE to like them. If you like these bands, great. If not, greater still.
  • Once you have a basic idea of goth music, see if there is a style that you like better. For example, you may like deathrock, or punk. You might even decide you don't like gothic music altogether and prefer metal, or jazz, or blues, or anything, and it is all perfectly good.
  • Look up bands in your chosen style or styles, and downloading or buying some CDs. Since about 2009, I have so far downloaded over thirteen hundred CDs, most of which, in fact, can hardly be classified as gothic. (But then again, I can hardly be called a goth myself ...)

  • Before doing ANYTHING, think of what kind of image you are trying to show people. Are you trying to show that you like the music that you like? Are you just trying to be yourself? Are you trying to make any kind of statement?
  • Next, look through the clothes and acessories that you already own. Most people already have some basics, like dark jeans, leggings, and maybe a nice blouse or jacket in their closet already. Remember that you can always customize many of the "typical " things that you may own.
  • For at least a week or two, wear mainly these clothes that you chose as gothic, but don't buy anything. This helps make a transition from your "notmal" look to your "goth" look without worrying your parents or relatives.
  • Frrom this point, start to buy new clothes, but not all at once. There are probablty siome items you need more then others, like if you have threepairs of black pants you will want to look for something else.
  • If you are a girl, buy a black floor length skirt. This helps very much if you have not yet bought tights or shoes, because in a floor length skirt people hardly see what tights or shoes you are wearing. So, the simple black shoes that you probably already have will be good enough and fancy, expensive boots will not be necessary. Such a skirt can also help you look thinner, especially if you wear high heels or platforms under it. When choosing a skirt, make sure it is long enough to touch the floor in whatever shoes yo choose to wear.
  • Practice walking up and down stairs in the said skirt so you don't trip over it, fall, break your neck and die, because that would make me very upset.
  • Look at acessories. A simple black top and dark jeans could be turned from just casual to goth with a nice necklace or choker, and maybe a diffrent purse.

  • If you do not normally wear makeup, ask your mother, grandmother, aunt or friend for advice. For a while, wear your makeup how they suggested.
  • If after a week or more you don't like your mother's aunt's, grandmother's or friend's suggested dtyle, make small changes. For example, a light blue eyeshadow can easily be relaced with grey, or a pink lipstick with a darker color, for a more gothic look.
  • If you already wear makeup, you don't have to change the style. I would suggest something simple to start, maybe in darker colors.
  • DO NOT wear black lipstick when around parents. No matter what. You may not agree, but I found black lipstick is THE VERY ITEM that makes  parents and relatives dislike your style. Plus it doesn't suit everyone, and definitely does not go with every outfit as many these days seem to think. Try wearing wine red, a brownish pink or a neutral shade instead.

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