Thursday, 29 March 2012

5 Goth Things I Don't Recomend for Beginners

Being new to the goth subcultuere could be hard. Especially if you have strict parents or relatives, or an unaccepting school. Here are five things, mostly fashion, that it is better to avoid if you are new, to prevent unnecessary quarrels with your relatives or classmates.

1) Ripped tights or fishnets

Although they may look neat, fishnets are by many people considered sexual. And if your tights are ripped, especially if you rip them yourself, sometimes can give one the appearance of not taking care of yourself. Go for a more classy look with solid black, printed or lace tights.

2) Extreme makeup

Extreme makeup, especially "bleeding" makeup or eyeliner doodles, should be saved for going to clubs, parties or seeing your friends, not school. It often starts to bleed down and make a mess at the end of the day, and for the most part there is usually no time to create such a style neatly before school. A simple cat eye or smoky eye with darker, but not black, liptick is a batter option for busy days.

3) Inverted cross

This is a symbol that unfortunately can give people a VERY wrong idea of who you are or what you are trying to say. Wearing a necklace or shirt with it can offend people who know little about the symbol and make parents or teachers worried. If you feel that this symbol represents who you are and you really want to have it, have a necklace that you can tuck under your shirt, or carry in your pocket.

4) Extreme hairstyles

Pretty much the same issue as extreme makeup, and when done in five minutes in the morning before school often not very neat. Go for a haircut that you can simply brush and go in the mornings, or find a nice barette that you can just clip in before you go to school. (Barette tutorial coming up!)

5) Overly revealing outfits

Remember one simple rule: If your knees, elbows and collarbones are covered, your outfit is not too revealing to be worn to school. If you have a favorite top or skirt that you are afraid to be too revealing, wear it with a simple black t-shirt or tights underneath.


  1. You have very good points. While I don't really identify as a babybat any more, I wish someone told me these things when I started three or four years ago! Hehe.

  2. Hiiii kismet. This is a really good post! I'm just catching up on reading what I've missed on your blog!

    We should hang out sometime. You could show me that Ba- Do Bai or whatever it's called store!^_^