Monday, 12 March 2012

Appropriate Backrounds For Photograph

How many times have you seen pictures taken in bathroom?! It is all too many.While many gothic, emo, or even lolita style photographs have great idea for outfit and makeup, often the setting ruins all of this. Often the wrong background (like said bathroom) makes the photograph look very unprofessional, and in the worst cases, like a poser or wannabe. As much as I do hate to say so, one must not take or post a photograph until they are sure of how it makes them look. Here are some tips on how to find a good background.

DO: Make darker picture

When you are not sure of what background will be best, try using photoshop or the similar to edit your picture as though it has been taken in the dark.

DON'T: Take picture in bathroom

I am not sure if the first one is bathroom or laundry room, but either would not make the prospect of being the center figure in such a photograph much more flattering. The second is clearly bathroom. How can I tell? For one thing, I see a towel, and to me a towel present is a pretty good indication that this is not the best setting for a gothic style photograph. If you really have no place to take a photograph, try your room, or maybe outsise when it is darker.

DO: Act natural

When somebody asks if they could take a picture of your outfit on the street, try to look counfident, and above all be yourself.

DON'T: Try to look "scary"

Unless you are in a horror movie, are a Walter Disney villain, or your name is Alex DeLarge, doing this has never helped anyone make a good photo. Trying to look "scary " or "dark" in no way helps your coinfidence or improves an outfit.

DO: Be creative, have fun and always remember to be yourself!


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