Saturday, 10 March 2012

Getting Your Dream Goth (or Lolita or Fairy-Kei or Whatever) Wardrobe

I am sure that almost everyone at one point, after looking at pictures of Marilyn Manson or Mana Sama or somebody's wardrobe post on EGL, looked into their own closet and thought: "I wish I could dress like that!". Maybe you don't have enough money to buy your dream wardrobe. Maybe your parents don't like your style. Maybe you just never found the clothes that you wanted, or are new to your subculture and simply don't know where to start. Here are some useful tips on getting your dream wardrobe.

1) Parents don't approve

Even Marilyn Manson has some outfits that would look okay at school or work.(Work as in something other then being Marilyn Manson) A plain black leather jacket with a more-or-less simple black shirt is a good idea that parents and teachers usually don't mind.

  • I will not tell you to go and talk to your parents about your style, because I am sure that it is obvious and you have already done so. In truth, talking rarely changes the way parents or relatives feel about a style. However, if you do choose to talk to them again, avoid phrases like "It is who I am", " This style represents me" and the similar. For the simple reason that in today's society, it is, although true, considered strange to speak of clothing as though it is part of oneself. It seems to be strange, and often make people stop taking you seriosly, I doubt is something you would want.
  • If talking to your parents does not work, remember that you still have the right to be yourself,(of cource, within reason) and dress however you want. You can still save up money and buy the clothes yourself, however, don't wear them in front of your parents. If you need, you can even ask a friend to buy something for you and give them the money.
  • Remember that some styles are morwe appropriate for your age or where ypu are going then others. If your parents, for example, tell you that a PVC miniskirt with ripped fishnet tights and a corset top in not a good outfit for school, do not assume that they are trying to hurt you or make you stop"being yourself". When not sure, ask your friends or teachers what they think.

2)Not enough money

  • Although brands are great, there are some itemd that are just not worth buying brand. For example, the same black jacket in the picture above could be bought in a mainstream store or a thrift store, if you look well.
  • Remember DIY! There is plenty of good projects that you can make yourself on websites like or the like. Uften, an item from a mainstream store could easily be made goth with some imagination.
  • Acessories are very important. Things like lace gloves, tights, hair bows and necklaces can instantly make an outfit more unique. Luckily, these things could also be bought inexpensively from stores like Calire's or Ardene. You can also try making them yourself, buying supplies from fabric and craft stores.

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