Thursday, 5 April 2012

Simple Goth Bracelets Tutorial

Some time ago, I decided to make a series of posts for those new to gothic, mainly teenagers, who do not have any money to create their dream wardrobes. Maybe your parents do not allow you to buy"anything black", maybe you have no wayt to get money or simply want to use the things that you have from your old wardrobe instead of buying anything new.  Here I will discuss how to make gothic clothes and acessories with the things that you already own, or where to buy them for limited amounts of money. (Luimited meaning limited in reality. For teenagers. $10 for Demonia knockoff boots limited.)

My first tutorial I chose something simple. These bracelets I got as a gift from my aunt in Germany, who does not know me very well as we've only met once. The fabric a friend of mine had left over after making a dress. Any opaque solid colored or printed fabric will do, preferably with a bit of stretch.

First, measure aroud the outside of the bracelet and cut a rectangle of fabric wide enough to wrap around it completely with none of the original bracelet showing.

Remember that this could be easily be customized by adding strips of a diffrent fabric or lace. If you want to do so, sew them on now.

Now, sew the fabric rectangle into a circle so that the visible part of the seam is on the wrong side of the fabric. Use heavy duty thread, or at least normal thread folded several times. Stretch this around thre bracelet with the good side out.

inside oFold the fabric so that the loose ends are inside. Pin it and begin to sew, with the heavy-duty thread. I know you may be tempted to use a glue gun, so I warn you that if you do so it will look tacky and be much less sturdy. Make sure that you secure the thread well when you've sewn all around the of the bracelet.

Right now the inside may look a bit messy, and this is okay. Take a strip of fabric the same length as your first one and fold it up so that the cut ends are not showing. Iron it if you can, so it stays better. Then, pin it to the fabric on the inside of the bracelet and sew it on. This will be visible so try to make neat stitches.

Once you are done sewing all the way around the inside, secure the thread well and tuck in the ends. For shine, take cheap clear nailpolish and put it on the bracelet. In less thern twenty minutes, you're done!

Such bracelets look great worn over fishnet or lace gloves with a short-sleeve shirt or dress, but depending on the fabric used can go with anything.

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