Saturday, 21 April 2012

About the "Emo" Look

It's no secret that any people are hateful towards emos. It's also no secret that this is the preferred style of many teenagers. And it is definitely no secret that plenty of said teenagers are afraid to dress in their preferred style because of said haters. You may be one of these people.

To start off, I must say that emo is A PERFECTLY GOOD STYLE. Just like punk, goth, and whatever they call those kids in trainers. If you feel that emo represents who you are and what you want to be like, then go ahead and wear it. If you like emo music and poetry, you might as well wear the clothes to go with it. It does no harm.

If you like to dress emo, you may actually be in luck. Emo is a much simpler and less expensive style then gothic or lolita, simply because its t-shirts and skinny jeans are items most of us can afford, go with most anything and could be bought in actual stores as opposed to online, to avoid shipping fees. As skinny jeans and t-shirts are in most cases "normal" teenager attire, parents usually don't mind it. The acessorias that go with emo, such as fingerless gloves and spiked chokers, can usually be bought from the local mall and are also parent-friendly.

However, if you do choose to dress like this, expect comments at school or online. People can be incredibly mean to those who they hardly know just becauser of the way they are dressed. If people make nasty comments besed on your appearance, ignore them ans try to leave. If they continue, calmly tell them how it makes you feel and ask them to stop. If they try to physicly hurt you, such as throwing something at you, leave IMMIDIATELY and report the incident to a teacher, parent, trusted adult or, if they have seriosly hurt you, the police. (By "seriosly hurt " I mean something on the level of give you a black eye or rip out your piercings, not throw a crumpled piece of paper) Always try to stay calm and avoid getting into a fight, as if you hit them back all the blame may be put on you.

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