Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mommy Says No Piercings

This post is mainly for teenagers, so I appologise to those people to whom it makes no sense.

Many of today's parents are against body modification, especially if it is permanent. That's reasonable. Imagine your parents let you get, say, a tattoo. Great. So you have your tattoo for a year, then two years, then three. Eventually you will be tired of itr, or it will mean less and less to you. In the worst case, something you thought to be "cool" at fifteen or sixteen will become emberassing at an older age.

However, you would still have an idea of what you want to look like right now. Here are some ideas on what you could do that could be changed once you are tired of it:

Long or pointed nails:

Long, sharp nails are in many cultures associated with  vampires, demons and sometimes the living dead.  It is a good way to creating your own unique style. Parents are usually glad to see teenagers taking care of their appearance, and will probably not object as growing your nails, which especially if they are short to begin with, is not an easy task. Just don't tell them about the demon reference, dear friends, and remember that no matter what the style is, it must look neat. So please, no broken nails or chipped off nail polish! This kind of nails are easily noticeable by others and I find look best when painted a solid color, or clear.

For tips and ideas, look at  or even a mainstream fashion or beauty magazine.

Clip-in hair extensions:

You want colored streaks in your hair, but your parents do not llow you to dye it? Clip-in hair extensions can add color without drying out your hair as dye will, and could be changed or removed in seconds. However again, beware the cheap kind! It is simple to tell if a hair extension will look good, and that is by looking at it close up and seeing if it looks like plastic. If it does, I do not reccomend buying it, no matter how inexpensive it may be. Look for hair extendions that could be curled or straightened with your natural hair.

Also always remember to make sure that the clip which the extension is attached to is not visible! Always brush your hair over the clip, then spray it with hairspray and style it with your natural hair. Make sure the extension is the right length to look like part of your haircut, and always trim it if it is too long.

Ear cuff earrings

These come in many imaginative and original styles, and usually don't require your ear to be pierced more then once. Simple clip earrings can also be bought, even from stores like Claire's. They can even be made at home, like in this tutorial here.

Henna tattoos

These are much better then temporary tattoos, as they stay on for longer (up to three weeks), don't come off in clumps and look much more like teal tattoos. There are some traditional patterns and designs which all look great, and I have seen henna be either black or red. Parents usually do not object to this, as it is not a "real" tattoo and will wash off.


  1. Everyone should be be prepared for possible resistance on the pointed nails though...I've had mine pointed for maybe 6 months but I still get looks and some not so subtle hints from mom to file them down XD

    1. If people ask you about the pointed nails, tell them that people's nails can naturally grow in diffrent shapes (which is true). Depending on actually how sharp you make them, you can either say that it is your natural shape (which in some cases could be true) or that you are making them pointier to enhance your natural shape.

      As for your mom, remind her of the people who get tattoos everywhere and pierce every part of their body.

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