Saturday, 7 April 2012

To Avoid Looking Halloween-ish

If all the things that could go wrong in a goth style outfit, looking like you buy your clothes in Halloween sales is probably one of the worst. I don't mean your clothes looking like costumes, almost all goth clothes look like costumes in a way, I mean your clothes looking like LOW QUALITY PRE-PACKAGED HALLOWEEN STUFF. The kind you buy from party stores. The cheap plasticky tacky looking sort. Here are some tips on avoiding this problem.

1) As obvious as it may sound, wear Halloween costumes only on Halloween. I know a person who wore a skirt that came from a vampire costume to school all year round. Needless to say it lookes extremely tacky and ruined every outfit she wore it with.

2) Avoid Jolly Roger-like things or skull prints, especially cartoon skulls. Stay away from large or plastic skulls in acessories.  Skulls, especially too much skulls, can make you look tacky and childish. As a rule, wear only ONE skull item in an outfit, not more. The similar goes for coffins, bats and other symbols.

3) Be very cautious around Halloween sales, even if in good stores. Halloween sales are good for buying simpler things like spiderweb fishnet tights or simple necklaces, but stay away from anything with cheap plastic or feathers, as well as things with witches, pumpkins ir black cats. There is a line between :goth : and :Halloween:, and these things are on the :Halloween: side of it.

4)When buying clothes, make sure the material looks good. A cheap material is the problem of most Halloween costumes.

5)Make sure your clothes match, at least somehow. I don't mean color, although that is important too. I mean no sneakers-with-a-victorian-dress or jeans-and-a-cloak. Especially if you're a beginner, make sure the styles of your clothes look good together. One mistake many people make is wearing all their "new goth clothes" and acessories all at once. This distracts from your face and the things you may be wearing that do look good together and usually just looks like too much.. Always have a good look at your outfit in the mirror before leaving the house.

6) If you are still not sure ask the opinion of a friend or relative, but someone you know will be honest. Ask your parents or grandparents, however little they may know about the subculture, to get the poinion of a general person looking at you on the street.

Here are some well-coordinated outfits for inspiration:


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