Sunday, 15 April 2012

Beginner Budget Goth Tips

Okay. So you are new to goth, and you are a teenager. Maybe goth isn't your parent's idea of what you should wear, maybe you've spent all your money on something else or you are saving up for your first brand item. Here is a short guide on how to get the most of the best possible clothes for your money, and to make them last longer. (It is also a good way to show that you are responsible and goth is not a bad thing, so your parents DO give you money for it if that is the case.)

How to Make Clothes Last Longer:
  • Wash black with black and color with color. This seems to be common sense, although many don't do it out of lazyness. Lazy is never goood with fashion so make sure you are washing your clothes right.
  • Speaking of washing, DON"T wash clothes after every wear. This could cause them to fade and shrink faster. On average, I have noted a blouse can be worn for up to four days with a camisole or t-shirt underneath, loose pants and skirts can be worn for up to a week, and tight pants can last to 3 days. Dresses depend on the dress, and jackets usually don't need to be washed unless there is visible dirt on them.
  • Learn to sew. That way, you can save lots of money on repairing and altering clothes instead of buying new ones. Save up and buy a sewing machine if you can.

How To Shop Smarter
  • If you see something you like, wait until the item is on sale if you can.
  • Buy items you know you will wear a lot, like jackets or shoes, in neutral colors. In the case of goths, black is a good idea, so it goes with everything else you own.
  • Go to a department store and buy a pack of plain  t-shirts to wear under blouses and sweaters. This saves money as you can now wash the blouse or sweater less frequently and they will shrink and fade less.
  • When buying tights, look for ones from a thin knit-like fabric, preferably in neutral colors. This type of fabric is the easiest to repair if it is ripped, and repairs are less visible.
  • When buying shoes, slightly too big is always better then even slightly too small. If you know you are still growing, buy shoes a half-size up and wear them thicket socks, so there is room to grow.
  • You don't really need that much clothes. Look for versatile pieces that will go with anything, and then acessorize.

About Repairing Clothes
  • When a black item is fades, re-dye it black with black fabric dye.
  • If you have sheer pantyhose that rip, use a bit of nail polish on the rip so it doesn't fray and wear in a way that hides the rip, such as with boots or a long skirt.
  • Always mend tights and socks.


  1. I constantly have to remind myself not to buy lovely items because I'm on a budget and they're not practical enough T.T
    By the way, I've nominated you for a Dark Sunshine Award :)

  2. I'd also recommend, to buy one of these:

    It's called "lint remover" and really makes your worn clothes look brand new.

    By the way, I'm just about to write about basic goth clothes, please let me know if you too! So we don't appear to be copying each other. :D