Sunday, 15 April 2012

"Teen Angst, Teen Angst..."

I am sure you have seen this: People pile on every black, partly black, studdes or skull printed item from the local mall, taking purposely low-quality pictures of themselves with utterly depressing and sometimes pathetic captions, or writing poetry about how life is a big dark void in which no one will understand them and they will be alone forever. Teen angst stuff, they people call it. Maybe you have once done so yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that. We are all still learning.
 The bad part is that such photos and poems more often then not are made fun of online, one way or another. So when somebody mentions teen angst to you,  you are often embarassed. Maybe you wrote a bad poem or wore a silly looking outfit or makeup that day. Maybwe the person was just trying to make fun of you. Here are some tips on avoiding such moments:

- When not sure what makeup style is best, go with the simplest option.
- If you normally wear makeup, make sure that it is always neat. If not sure, avoid heavy eyeliner and unnatural colored lipstick. If you don't normally wear makeup, don't start with something crazy all of a sudden.
- Avoid eyeliner doodles or anything too fancy with simple, t-shirt-and-jeans outfits.
- If you are often around people who dislike teenagers, try not to look like one. Wear your makeup as your mother or aunt would, and stay away from very bright colors.

- Be careful when mixing prints. When not sure, wear one print at a time.
-Only wear converse with simple outfits, and avoid them with skirts. I don't like converse and avoid them altogether. Save up for a nice pair of leather shoes or boots that will last you a long time instead of buying converse, as they tend to fall apart easily and are hard to clean.
-Wear brand clothes if you like them, not because they are brand. Avoid things with brand names printed all  over them. Always think of what an item will go with in your wardrobe before you buy it.
-Try to look older. Remember to dress modestly and war things that a teenager would not "normally" wear, such as floorlength skirts, shoes with very high heels, fitting turtleneck sweaters and fitting blazers instead of moto jackets.
-In extreme cases, avoid "teenager" colthes like jeans, logo t-shirts, and hoodies altogether.

-Don't mope around unles you are truly in a bad mood. This can make people not want to talk to you, as well as fits well into the stereotype that all goths pretend to be depressed.
-Don't go around telling everyone you-re goth. If they do ask, say that "you like the music", or "you like the style", as opposed to telling them that you are goth.
-Always remember to be polite.
-If somebody (other then close telatives) says that you, being a teenager, must do as they say because they are older, don't be rude. Try to stay away from that person and avoid conversations with them.
-NEVER tell people how old you are. If they ask, try to switch the topic of the conversation, or lie. This is because many teenage goths do not look their age but much older, and people who dislike teenagers will consider you an adult until you tell them. Dress older whenever possible.

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