Sunday, 22 April 2012

Finding Your Own Style

Within what we call "goth", there are plenty of styles to choose from. Cyber, deathrock, romantic, victorian, whatever. But what if the neon colors of cyber do not appeal to you, you don't like deatherock music or victorian style clothes seem much too expensive and impossible to find? Or maybe you want to mix diffrent styles? The best idea is to create a style that represents who YOU are and what YOU want. If anything, you can even only be goth on the days that you feel like it and something else the rest of the time.

A good place to start in creating your own style is by looking at pictures for ideas. Maybe when you see something you like on another person, you would try to find a similar item or just take the idea of the picture for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite photos in that sense:

Файл:Jove decadent.jpg

Similarly, look at books, stories or poems that you like. Though they may not have many direct fashion references, but they would have a "feel" or "mood" that you may want your wardrobe to show. For example, if your favorite pieces include the theme of rebellion, standing away from a group or being misunderstood by others, you may want a punk-like style with elements that eare distinctly your own. If you prefer classic literature, try going for a romantic or victorian-inspired style, and so on. Look at favorite movies and music videos, to see what people are wearing and maybe get something similar.

Here are some more pictures for inspiration:


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