Friday, 6 April 2012

The Essential Mirror

A small mirror or compact is something everyone who likes wearing lots of makeup or fancy hairstyled should have with them. Why? Well, imagine you put on eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara to go to the mall. But then when trying something on you accidentally brushed your hand against your eyes. How would you fix your makeup? Running across the mall to the bathroom mirror with smudged up makeup may for many be embarassing, but if you don't have a compact mirror or something like it with you, you may have to do that. With some tissues, a compact mirror and a pencil eyeliner (I always have an eyeliner pencil with me for such cases, because it is easier to apply then liquid and does not make a mess if it breaks in my purse) you will be ready to coninue shopping with your friends with no embarassment in seconds.

But in most stores, a simple compact mirror can cost up to twelve dollars. In Dollarama it will cost $1, but it will look like something from Dollarama and most of us don't want that. Now what do you do?

It is no secret that the thinga you own, like cell phone, music player, emergency makeup bag and mirror are in a way part of your look, so they should not look cheap or like something borrowed from somebody else. They should, as much as possible, be yours.

One solution to this is to go and buy the Dollarama mirror, and then make it your own. I find stick'on gems a good thing to use for this. I have once bought a simple black compact mirror from a Dollar Store, then used a glue gun to cover the cheap plastic outside with small black gems, and make a pentagram design on it with silver ones. It came out even better then I expected, looking like something one can aquire from Living Dead Souls for twenty dollars plus shipping.

However, today I bought a new mirror the design of which I liked even better. Following my own favorite shopping tip for goths, "go to Chinatown!".

It is not big, only about two and a half inches across the glass part. The ribbon I tied on myself. And it cost a grand total of $1.99. This is from a store called Ba-Dou Bai, but that only is here in Toronto. The online clothing shop Bodyline, in the "Sundries" section, has compact mirrors similar to these ones for four or five dollars.

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