Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Goth Acessories (Tips for Beginners)

Everyone knows acessories can either make or break an outfit. With a style like goth this is especially important, so here are some basic ideas on what is a good idea and what is not. (I wish somebody told me this when I was younger....)

Good Idea: solid colored tights, or with a simple design

Black solid color tights are a good idea because they go with pretty much everything.  Lace tights also can add an intresting touch to an otherwise plain outfit, and I find solid colored dark tights, like very dark red or purple ones, look great with a plain black skirt.

Be Cautious With: horizontal striped tights

These are unflattering on almost everyone, as stripes make one's legs look wider. Not only that, but they tend to give one an air of  "halloween witch" or in the worst cases "clown" and rarelt go with any other items. Tights with a simple print or vertical stripes are a bit better, but can look awkward when you walk and the printed part twists.

Good Idea: gloves

Gloves can come in thousands of diffrent designs and fabrics, and the right sort can add a touch of goth to almost any outfit. They can hide chipped nail polish when you have no time to fix it, and look great with rings worn over them.However, one must always make sure, that they, as anything, are good quality and look good on your hands. Always try on gloves before you buy them, as badly fitting gloves always look tacky.

Avoid: Tacky-looking gloves

How do I explain "tacky"? I guess I can say anything that looks cheap, or just not right. For example, gloves made of very obvious looking fake leather are usually not a good idea, as are knitted ones (exept for wintertime of cource). And please, my friends, stay away from gloves with printed skulls as a general rule! I see them a lot and not once have they looked good. Also, I cannot stress enough that everything must be of good quality. To gloves, them being a VERY noticeable item, this applies especially. You may have to pay a bit more, but you will know you look good.

Good Idea: be unique

Goth may be a preferred fashion movement, but it doesn't have to define what you are. If something you like is "not goth", wear it and make it your own! Don't be afraid to experiment with diffrent colors and styles and to look in mainstram shops, or even make your own.

Always Go For: good quality

Remember than no matter how neat the original design idea could be, it never looks well if badly made or with cheap materials. If you see something good, wait until it is on sale, save money, but don't go buying every last cheap thing you see just because it's cheap. When buying online, look for reviews of the product or brand before purchasing.

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