Thursday, 26 April 2012

On the "Depressed" Stereotype

One often hears that goths are depressed, or that being goth makes one depressed. This is in no wey true, there are just as many depressed people who prefer mainstream fashion and music as those who prefer goth. However, it is often hard to prove this, especially if you are new to the subculture, or have rescently joined it. Parents and teachers may think that suddenly dressing in black and listening to "morbid" music means that you are depressed. Here are some tips on proving them wrong.
...And  a happy bat...
  • Calmly tell them that most truly depressed people no longer care what music they listen to or how they look, so having a preferred style of music or fashion sense actually points out that you are NOT depressed.
  • Do not suddenly stop doing a favorite activity or hobby just because it is "not goth". Losing intrest in activities or hobbies is one of the first sighns of depression.
  • If you usualy don't spend lots of time alone, don't suddenly start doing so.
  • Don't stop being friends with "not goth" people.
  •  NEVER talk about suicide or wanting to die. This may make you feel bad, but telling people can make things a thousand times worse. If anything, write your thoughts in a diary or journal.
  • Speaking of a diary or journal, don't leave it places. I am saying this because I found the diary of a girl in my school under a desk in the english class. Fortunately, I handed it to the office without reading it, but remember that most people are more curious then that.
  • Be yourself and always act natural. Don't suddenly start being gloomy because somebody said it is "a part of goth".

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