Monday, 7 May 2012

Another day, another floorlength skirt gets dirty at the bottom....

In all honesty, I hate it when that happens.

Apart from getting dirty at the bottom, floorlength skirts are a great item to own. They are very versatile and go with pretty much everything, as well as are a great way to make an outfit more romantic or even funeral-clothes-like. They are usually classy and parents rarely are against them, as well as are flattering on almost every figure type, especially if they are chosen in a solid dark color. The Last of the Movement likes to wear them whenever posible.

If you are new to goth, this would be a great basic item to buy, and simple black maxi skirts can usually be pretty inexpensive. Definitely but one, even if the design is completely plain, but always try them on to make sure they cover your shoes first. That way, before you have money to buy nice shoes or boots, you can wear the most mundane looking ballet flats or pumps and no one will notice.


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