Monday, 28 May 2012

Goth Shopping Tips

Many of us like to shop and pick out new clothes. But once you find something you like but are not sure about, do you buy it or not?

First, think about what you would wear the item with. We are all guilty of once in a while buying something that does not go with anything. If your item is a basic, such as a simple black blouse or dark jeans, think if you have something similar already, and whether you need another.

If you decide that the item will go with many things you already own, think about where else you could buy a similar item for a smaller price. For example, I found a pair of black over-knee socks with lace on Bodyline for $12. But at Ardene's, similar socks could be bought three pairs for $10. This is not all, as Claire's had them on sale for $1.25 a pair. In the end, I bought two pairs of black overknee socks from Golden Square Center for $1, and added lace I had remaining from making a skirt myself.

Lastly, see if the item is already on sale or may end up on sale soon. For example, if there are five more of the same thing in your size, you may want to wait until one or two are left and they are on the sales rack. This also depends on the store, as some stores like to put things on sale and others don't.

I hope this would help you decide, if anything. Happy shopping!

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