Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More goth makeup tips

Here are some more good and bad ideas regarding goth style makeup.

1) Never use marker/pastel/paint/whatever else!
(However obvious it sounds, some people still do.)

I am not acusing her. This person actually stated that the lips and designs around the tyes were done with a Sharpie marker when she posted the picture. This is never a good idea, firstly because a marker has toxic chemicals in it and is not meant to be used on skin, but also because marker always looks like marker, no matter what you do with it, and is also very hard to wash off.

2) Wear a smoky eye

This is one of the few styles that flatters almost everyone. It is relatively simple, works with almost any color, and does not distract from your features. This style goes with pretty much every outfit and hairstyle, as well as good in the way that if it acidentally smudges, this will hardly be visible.

3) Use bronzer/darker foundation/skin tint

Yes, goths are supposed to be pale, if you say so, whatever. But this is a great product to try, as not only it evens out your skin tone, it also hides blemisher or redness better and, unlike lighter makeup, will NEVER make you look like a clown. Just try it, and you will be surprised how good it looks.

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