Saturday, 5 May 2012

Disrespect on the Internet

More then enough times have we seen a picture one had taken of themselves and posted online, with somebody adds a nasty caption. And some of those pictures are actually not all that bad.

I want to say adding nasty caption to picture is not good idea, especially if one whose picture it happens to be tried hard to look good. You usually do not know the person. Just because somebody could not pick out a good outfit, do their hair and makeup well or does not know where to take a picture does not mean we should make fun of them. It gives both us and that person a good oportunity to grow, help each other and learn from our mistakes. Instead of making fun of the person and their picture, we can tell them how we think they can make it look better. Remember that we are all still learning.

On that note also, if you find any picture on this blog with a rude caption attached, do know that I was not the one who put it there. I try to avoid pictures with captions, but sometimes I cannot find the picture without it or do not know how to remove it. If said picture is of you, I appologise in advance.

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