Friday, 18 May 2012

Ideas for Goth Shoes (for those who can't buy brand)

How many times have we seen a good outfit ruined by the wrong shoes? Dress pants and running shoes, or maybe converse with a dress?  Today this is exactly what I saw, and I figured this was the last, I am going to write about this and explain.

This summer, at least where I live,  there is a big trend for platform sandals, and you can always use that. Being someone who is very self-conscious about their feet, I almost never wear a shoe with open toes or heel. Some people it looks good on, but make sure that you do not have messy toenails or rough skin showing. Something like this, for indtance, can be bought from an inexpensive brand, or as knockoff and still look very nice.

For those of us who are still in our early teens and want to look older, shoes with a higher heel are always a good option. They may not be the most comfortable shoes to wear, and you have to be sure to choose the right ones so you don't appear to be wearing your mother's shoes, but are definitely worth it. For example:

This is a good idea:                                This will do:                        And this is definitely not a good idea:

A pointy toe is a good idea, as that way your legs will look taller and slimmer, and if your feet are still growing will leave some room so the shoes can be worn longer. Black or a neutral dark color is best because they can be worn with anything and is dirt or scratches are less visible.

And I know, yes, mommy says the heel is to high. But the Last of the Movement is not mommy! If you wear high heels to school, it won't hurt you since you're just sitting around anyway. And if she's scared you'll trip and fall? For one thing, eventually you're going to have to learn to wear high heels sooner or later and it might as well be now. I have worn stilettos at fourteen and not tripped once since. You'll be fine.

If you however know you run around a lot during the day and are not me, a flat shoe could be a good idea, and studded black ballet flats or something somilar will do perfectly. However, avoid running shoes and definitely converse, which give off a strong air of  "rebellous teen" "baby-bat" and "emo". And please, no skulls or broken hearts! I don't even understand why they would put that in a print, much less on shoes, so just don't buy them and don't find out!

Good:                                                                                                           Please do not buy:


  1. I'm afraid shoes are my downfall wardrobe-wise. All I have are boots (which aren't the best choice in the summer) and 2 pairs of dressier open toe shoes. I desperately need more shoes that I can wear fishnets and tights with that AREN'T my Converse, because I refuse to fall into the horrible trend of wearing converse with a skirt. I do still wear my converse on my "casual days" because they're convenient.

    1. If you want to buy more shoes for summer, look at Bodyline website. They have nice summer shoes that you can wear with fishnets because they have a closed toe, but are still not too warm, and for a reasonable price (around $40 on average, some as low as $13). I have two pairs of those shoes, they last a very long time and are comfortable.
      It's funny really, but I muself have never owned a pair of brand gothic shoes or boots, they are all too expensive. Most of my shoes come from chinatown store or flea market, which has often unique things for reasonable prices. However, be careful if you want to buy shoes from there as they are sometimes not the best quality and can hurt your feet.