Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WARNING: Avoid Montana Grill!

Not only is it a VERY bad restaurant with tastelkess, overspices food and not overly clean setting, this is a pure health concern. Today I decided to go to Montand Grill, it was near my appartament and I figured I might as well go and see what it's like. Turns out, that was a horrible idea. Maybe it was the dirty napkins, maybe the badly washed plates and water glasses or something they put in the food, but it made me very, very sick. One of the two people who were with me was sick too. So if you are not one of the few people who enjoy stomach cramps, dear friends, avoid Montanna Grill at all costs. If anything. have an anorexic lunch (half an apple) like M.G., she knows what I'm talking about.
On a better note, apart today was a relatively good day. If you don't count nearly being hit by a car. Some idiot in sunglasses blasting Eminem songs and driving around a parking lot 70 miles per hour and the Last of the Movement are definitely not friends. Had some passerby not shouted "JUMP!" at the top of his lungs I would had not been writing this. Had I been able to make out the number on the car's lisence plate, I would have for sure called the police.

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