Thursday, 3 May 2012

About Hot Topic (and the similar)

The store Hot Topic has caused quite a bit of controversy among goths and other types. I don't see as much wrong with it myself as others do, although I rarely shop there. You can disagree. In fact, you can stone me to death or hang me from a telephone pole for all I know, but first, please do finish reading this post.
Hot Topic is a good place to find things that can rarely be found anywhere else. If you are a goth living somewhere with no goth store around, chances are you will still have a Hot Topic. Maybe you are not very good at DIY, or simply not sure with what it is exactly that you want. Maybe you have more money then most of us do and can afford it. Hot Topic had some good band shirts and acessories that can be unique and are in prety descent quality.
However, with Hot Topic one must be cautious. Because of the price range, my idea would be only to buy things that you cannot find anywhere else. That includes not buying things that you can make, borrow or buy from a less expensive store. Buying socks, fingerless gloves, or fishnets would not be a good idea, as stores like Claire's, Ardene or even H&M may have these things for a much more reasonable price. The same goes for hair extensions and things like studded belts. Band shirts may be okay to buy from there, depending on what other options you have. Hair dye and makeup are definitely not a good idea, thay are very expensive and maybe even in a worse quality then what could be bought somewhere else. Most drug stores with a makeup section have the same black eyeliner, dark lipstick and colorful eyeshadow in a better quality for a fraction of the price. Hair dye and styling products are okay to buy from there, but again look in drugstores first. I have seen purple and blue Manic-Panic at Shoppers Drug Mart on sale for $3 once.
The clothes at Hot Topic, especially their jeans, are generally not very good. And VERY expensive, especially for simple black torn jeans with safety pins. Some items are okay, for instance a black corset dress I saw two weeks ago, but do wait until they are on sale before buying anything. Another good idea would be, before buying something from Hot Topic, is to see if the item is availiable in a more affordable  store or online first. Because I have seen things at Hot Topic being sold at about twice the price they would have cost online, and some people actually buy the Hot Topic item.
And as for the problem of people  Hot Topic makes you "less goth", well guess what? IT DOESNT MATTER! If you like the item, then buy it. Who cares what other people say? You don't have to tell them where you bought it from. Unless there is "Hot Topic" written all over the item, there's no way they'll know. In fact, Hot Topic sells lots of things from "real" goth brands.


  1. Personally, I try not to shop there too much but it never stops me from browsing when I'm at the mall. They DO sell stuff from Hell Bunny and Lip Service and the like which you can normally trust so why not?
    As for fishnets and other tights...Hot Topic is literally the ONLY place around here that sells them believe it or not. So I'm stuck there. *shrugs*
    Not to mention I actually have scarf from Hot Topic that I ADORE. It's just a store. I think some people get too caught up in their gothier-than-thou attitude.

  2. Very true, sometimes Hot Topic has some nice pieces. As for the tights- it depends on where you live, of cource- I find that in my area Hot Topic is actually the most expensive place to buy them. I have seen fishnet tights at Wal-Mart and Zellers.
    You're right about the gothier-than-thou. I have known people around whom the stoning and the telephone pole would be an all too accurate guess of what could happen at the very mention of going to Hot Topic.