Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How Much Makeup is Too Much?

You like the goth subculture, and you want to look good. Who doesn't? However, sometimes you don't know  what to do, or which style would be most flattering on you. Sometimes you are afraid, not knowing how much makeup is too much. Today, I will shw how to do goth makeuo in a unique and flatteringf way, without looking tacky.

Try to stay away from drawing symbols or exessive destgns on your face.

As much as you may feel you like a certain symbol and feel it represents who you are, your face is not the best place to draw it, as a symbol, especially like this person's ankh, rarely comes out shaped right when drawn on the skin in eyeliner or shadow, and distracts from your features, which are always the most important part of your makeup style.
 It also depends on what kind of symbol you want, and, of cource, where you will go with thaty style of makeup. For example, if you are going to a party with your friends, an Adora Batbrat- like style is okay, as long as it is done well. By Well, I mean use foundation, use concealer, use good quality products and don't leave the house until ypou feel proud of the way you look.
 For example, this is much better:

Notice how the design is not something that looks like it must be symmetrical, especially if only done on one eye, and is not a particular symbol.

Don't forget your primary goal is still to be beautiful.

If the black lipstick does not suit you, don't wear it. Try other colors. Same goes for pale foundation, lots of eyeliner, or really antyhing else. It can be the most goth thing in the world, but if it does not make you look better than you did befor you put it on, there is no reason to keep wearing it. Try diffrent things to see what suits you and what does not. For example, I had to try many, many diffrent kinds of foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick to see what looks best, and it took almost a year to figure out my makeup style, and that foundation, if I wear any, should be a shade or two darker then my natural skin tone, not, as many of us initially assume, lighter, and to choose the best brand for myself.

On the same note, avoid foundation that is too pale.

And definitely halloween makeup or whiteface. Most of the time extremely pale skin is not necessary to be goth, so there is no reason to be wearing layers and layers of white foundation if it does not suit you. For school or work, lots of foundation can be even impractical. It is best to embrace your natural skin color, and to learn to be happy with who you are.

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