Sunday, 13 May 2012

Goth at Special Occasions

It is the middle of may, and the time many of ys begin to think about going to an end-of-year event at our schools or even prom. To go or not to go? What to wear? What to do? There is so many question.

Your safest option is just not to go. It's a perfectly good idea, as prom in most schools is VERY expensive and may not be worth it. If you will pay for your own ticket, look at other things you can spend that money on. For example, a school I have been to had prom for $90 per person, so really, it was no surprise that most chose to spend that money on repainting their room, buying clothes, getting a new hairstyle, buying electronics, donating money to charity, paying rent, or in the case of one of my friends a summer course to learn English.

If you do not want to go to prom or dance, but your parents or relatives say you must, is a very common. Talk to them about how would you feel awkward and you dont like to dance, or how it is too expensive and what you'd rather spend that money on, or whatever reason you have not to go. If anything, ask whoever it is to drop you off at the door, and once they leave instead of buying tickets go to a friend's house or the nearest cafe, restaurant or shop until the end of the event, when you can call home and ask them to pick you up.

If you would like to go to the prom or dance, then you definitely need to think about things like what to wear, wether to dance or not, or others. I myself never dance, mainly because for me this is completely out of character, but also because at around twelve or thirteen years old, I had gone to my first school dance and accidentally made a complete fool of myself, without going into detail, so now I always afraid of that happening again. If you can ask the school to play cartain music at the dance, try bringing it in and seeing how that goes.

And now, for what to wear. Unfortunately, almost all prom dresses are very expensive, could only be worn once or twice, and need drycleaning. You can try looking for a cheaper dress or buying one secondhand, but a better idea would be just to buy a simple dress, even take an everyday dress that you have not yet worn to school, and add intresting acessories and a nice pair of boots or shoes. That way, you can still keep wearing the dress to other special occasions or everyday, instead of having a "prom dress" hanging in the back of your closet that you don't know what to do with.

And don't forget that it doesn't have to be a dress! A skirt and a blouse, or a suit is always just as good. However, beware the tacky dressed sold as gothic, just like anytime. They are usually cheaper then a prom dress, and are labelled as being meant for special occasions, but look more like a halloween costume then anything, having tacky fabrick, low quality and cheap design.

Hee are some examples of what is and is not a good idea:

This is  a great outfit:

This will probably do:

And things like this should be avoid:

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