Friday, 25 May 2012

On Shopping in Mainstream Stores For Summer

Goth clothes are hard to find, and goth clothes for summer are harder still. However, this is not impossible, as I am about to prove to you.

Let's start with the shoes. The first three pairs are from the department store Sears, and all under $30. The two after them are from Ardene's, sold two pairs for $20. There are dozens of other gothable designs there, but I did not have time to photograph all of them. The last pair is from Siren's, $30, and is also availiable in black.

And now, for the clothes. The first top I liked so much I actually bought, at Siren's for $9. It was also there in purple, but they did not have my size. The second one is Sirens also, $6. The third is a mini-dress from the same store, originally priced $20 but on sale for $10. The other two are from H&M and would go with something more casual, the cherry-print mini dress $15 and the top $5. The top was also there in black, but you could not see the design of a moth with a skull on it as well. However, it is still a very good example of a more sophisticated and less rebellious teenager-like way to wear a skull.

For tights, we have a large display of lace and fishnet from $2 up at Icing by Claire's, with the ironic sign concerning true colors, and a similar thing at Ardene's, this time any three pairs for $10. 

And now, fo what in the summer especially  for what really makes an outfit, the acessories! They are all under $10, and I would have posted more, but this post is getting too big...:

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