Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mommy says no hairdye

Which is not a problem, really. Sure, one may think goths must have black or unnatural-colored hair. But many times this is not only hard to achieve, it is also COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. A neat hairstyle is usually worth much more then just the unnatural color. Here are some ways to get your dream style without unnaturally coloring or even cutting your hair:

1) Dark brown or red is better then black
best red hair dye for dark hair
Dark brown hair dye almost always has much less harmful pigment chemicals in it then black, meaning it is less likely to give you dryed-out hair or an allergic reaction. It is also a more flattering color in the sense that while black hair makes many people's skin seem more red, dark brown or dark red will never cause this.

2) Pin back a section of hair instead of shaving

Instead of shaving  section of your hair, which is a populat hairstule among goths, tale the section of yout hair and pin it back tightly with bobby pins. Use other hair to cover the pins, then gel or hairspray your hair so the pinned back section stays where you put it. This way, even from a very close distance your hair will look like it has been shaved, buy you can always undo it of you get bord of it and it does not take time to grow out.

3) Get straight bangs

If you do not normally have bangs, get them. This is a great update to your hairstyle that flatters pretty much everyone. I mean it, bangs can make a miracle. If you thought you were an ugly duckling before, it is almost a guarantee that bangs will make it look much better. This is because the some of the most common areas of your face to not look good are the forehead, hairline and eyebrows, and bangs can easily hide that.

4) Buy (or make)  nice hair acessories

A nice barette or headband can instantly make a hairstyle much more intresting, as well as is not hard to find. For example, to make something as simple as a ponytail look more elegant just use a thin hair elastic and tie a ribbon over it, to look like your hair was tied with a ribbon. Just using a ribbon usually does not stay , however.


  1. I'm lucky to have a mother that LOVES hair so she approves of pretty much everything on my long checklist of colors and cuts to try. I second the bangs. Seriously, bangs saved my life and every time I look in the mirror I think "Why didn't I do this sooner??"

    1. You're very lucky!
      I have hair that grows very slowly, so I can't really cut it or color it that much as if it does not look good, it will take tears to get rid of. However, I dye it dark brown and that suits me much more then my natural dirty blonde. It's also very short so I can't really do anything with it, but I'm trying to grow it out.